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Compatible Printers

When looking to set up printing with Lightspeed either via Lightspeed App Printing, Intelligent Printing or Bluetooth Printing, review the compatible hardware lists below to ensure that your printer is compatible. 

Lightspeed O-Series only supports Ethernet, Bluetooth and Intelligent printing and does not provide support for Wifi based printing.


Lightspeed App Printing



Must use authorised Epson ethernet interface boards
(UB-E03, UB-E04, TM-I)

Serial adaptors and other third party add-ons are not supported, neither are serial or parallel versions of printers.
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Star (iOS App only) 

Note: We do NOT have compatibility with the Bluetooth version of either printer. Ethernet connection only.

Element (iOS App only)
Note: Element printers will only work in setups with other Element printers. They are not compatible with Epson printers and will cause printing issues if attempted to be mixed. We only work with the Ethernet versions of these printers.


Bluetooth Printing 



Note: Bluetooth printing is supported using iOS devices only.
Only these Epson printers are supported for Bluetooth printing.


Intelligent Printing




Looking to buy Printers?

Lightspeed sells a range of compatible printers on our online store

If you have any questions on purchasing hardware, you can reach our Hardware Team by email at

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