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What is the difference between Products, Modifiers, Variants & Option Sets?


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Lightspeed has quite a few different Product types to use when you're creating your Lightspeed menu & it can be quite confusing to know which ones you should use;

This guide will cover each of these product types at a very basic level but we encourage you to read through each of the below guides to get a full understanding of how they will work with your menu.




Products are the default product type in Lightspeed and it will likely be the first and most common product type you'll use.

Products can be used when selling a product on its own, such as a Croissant or it can also be used it conjunction with some of our other products types Modifiers and Option Sets 


Product Variants

If you sell a product in different sizes, flavours or with any other variable attribute then setting up Product Variants is for you. When these Variants are shown on the POS they will appear under the same product button - keeping your POS looking organised and maximised for speed.




Modifiers are used to easily add modifications to a Product, such as recording item changes like no salad or extra bacon, in just a few taps.

A modifier cannot be purchased alone, but they can have their own price (or discount) if you need.

Option Sets

Option Sets allow you to easily organise product-related options on your menu, Option Sets are simply a group of either products or modifiers.

You can link as many Option Sets as needed to a product to guide your staff through a selling workflow or, hide them on the POS for the less-common modifications. Option Sets can also be created and applied to multiple Products easily (such as creating an Option Set for burger options that are applied to all of your burgers.





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