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My Online Orders didn't complete automatically & are locked on my POS

Some Online Ordering providers have certain orders send through to the POS, print automatically and close.


Read on to understand why some orders may not automatically close and what can cause this to occur.


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Why does this happen?

Some Online Ordering providers will send their orders to the POS with rules on their order stating that they should Print Automatically and Auto-Complete.

For this type of order to work successfully the order needs to balance perfectly and be able to print successfully.


How does this happen? 

When an ordering partner submits this order type to Lightspeed, they will configure their order to auto-complete and to use PassThru Printing.

There can be a few scenarios that will prevent this from working as expected;

PassThru Printing failed

  • The wrong register is set as your PassThru Printing Register, you can change that here
  • Your assigned PassThru Printing is appearing as offline, sometimes this can be a DNS issue. You can follow steps to change that here
  • Your PassThru Printing POS device screen is locked or asleep.

Online Orders failing due to configuration

  • When an order is submitted to Lightspeed, the Online Ordering provider controls the paid amount on the order based on the product prices in their system, if they have different prices to what you have in Lightspeed the order will contain a variance preventing the order closing automatically.

Note: Online Ordering providers include Lock rules on their orders, this can change for each Online Ordering provider but they can prevent you from using Checkout, Adding Product, Editing Products on these orders, so if you identify an order that is locked you can contact your Online Ordering provider to fix that for you.

  • Some Online Ordering providers may not support all Lightspeed features, a few examples of these are;
    • Bopple - If Variant Products are used on your Bopple menu, each variant in that template will need to have the same Option Set.
    • OrderUp - If you are using Option Sets with OrderUp!, they currently don't support option specific pricing, this means that any options you use with OrderUp need to have the same Option Set price and Company Pricing.

It is best practice to confirm with your Online Ordering provider or Lightspeed Account Manager when setting up Online Ordering to confirm that your chosen ordering provider works for your Lightspeed Menu.


How can we resolve these situations?

If you are finding that you're experiencing locked Online Orders, contact your online ordering provider advising them that certain order aren't completing automatically. 

They will be able to help review your menu configuration and help resolve any menu mismatches, if the issue persists they can reach our to our Developer Support to troubleshoot further. 

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