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Sync Registers from Back Office


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Lightspeed makes it really simple and convenient to make quick fast changes to your menu, to apply these changes you just need to Sync your POS.

This can be frustrating & time consuming for large register venues so we have now built the ability to do this from Back Office, to all of your registers, automatically. 

Note - Lightspeed will only sync your registers while they are not in use, if your staff are in the middle of performing a sale that register will not be synced. This will be highlighted by that register not having an up to date sync time. If this occurs, simply sync the register again when it's not in use.


What's in this guide? 

Head to the Register Settings page in Back Office

What are the new Register Settings

What do the staff see when I sync Registers

Frequently Asked Questions

Head to the Register Settings page in Back Office

Once you have logged into Back Office, head to;

  • Sites
  • Devices

You will now be greeted with our new Registers page.




What are the new Register settings

There is a brand new Register Settings page with a couple of new additions to be aware of.


This indicates that we are able to reach your POS and can confirm that it's online.

This means that your POS is offline and unreachable.



This will show the time and date when your POS was last synced. 

Note: This is helpful if a sync may not have been able to be completed due to that register being in use.



Selecting this button next to each of your Registers will only sync that register.


Selecting this button will sync all of your Online registers. 



What do the Staff see when I sync Registers

When a user that has access to Sites performs a sync on one of your registers, the staff on-site will see a banner notification with the name of the user that performed the sync.



Frequently Asked Questions

What data is synced when I use Back Office Register Sync

This sync is the same as the manual register sync from the POS, so this will sync all of your updates made in Back Office and ensure they are updated on POS.

What Users have access to perform Back Office Register Sync

The Register Sync settings are stored in the Register Settings page under Sites, this means if you would like one of your staff to be able to perform this function they would need the sites permission.

You can review the User Permissions at the following link.

Does the Last Synced Time only update when I perform a sync from Back Office?

This will show all register syncs, so this time will also update if a user performs a sync from POS.


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