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Payments integration | Tyro Pay@Table

Tyro Pay@Table allows guests to pay from their table, split bills with friends and discreetly show gratitude with a tip directly from the Tyro EFTPOS terminal, leaving the POS Register free for staff to attend open orders and serve customers.


What’s in this guide?

Before you Begin

Enabling Tyro Pay@table 

Setting up Tyro Pay@table

Processing payments and tips at the table

Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin

You will need:

  • An active POS subscription 
  • Enabled and setup the Tables feature - available on Manage and Extend POS plans
  • Enabled and setup Tyro Payments
  • Received and setup portable Tyro terminals


Additional requirements

  • Staff will need to use their Operator ID to process a Pay@Table payment
  • Staff will need to have the “POS” and “Finish Sale” permissions enabled
  • Only sent orders will appear on the Tyro terminal
  • Only numbers must be used for table names (If letters are used, orders will not appear on the tyro terminal)


Enabling Tyro Pay@table

  1. Select Integrations in Back Office, then choose Tyro

  2. Enable Pay@table and enter your Tyro Merchant ID Terminal IDs

    Note: To find your Merchant ID on the Tyro EFTPOS machine, follow the steps below:
    1. Press the Menu button
    2. Select Merchant Information
    3. Select Merchant Name, MID & TID

    Note: The MerchantID and Serial Numbers will clear after you click Submit. This is normal and expected behaviour.  


  3. Select Submit

When you submit your details, a request with all the required information is sent directly to Tyro Customer Support. Once they have updated your details in the Tyro system, they will email you to let you know your devices need to be rebooted. Please follow the steps below after receiving confirmation from Tyro support to do so.



Setting up Tyro Pay@table  

Rebooting your terminal

A reboot is initiated by holding down the Yellow "Corr" key until "Reboot Now" is displayed on the screen, then release the key and allow the Reboot to complete. The terminal will take around 1-2 minute(s) to complete a reboot. A completed reboot can be confirmed when your 'Trading Name' is displayed on your Tyro Terminal screen.


If you require further assistance with your Tyro Terminal, please contact Tyro Customer Support on 1300 966 639.


Changing integration modes

  1. Press the 'Menu' key
  2. Select Admin Menu
  3. Enter Admin Password
  4. Select 'Configuration' or ‘Settings’
  5. Go to 'Select Integration Mode'
  6. Select 'Pay@Table'
  7. Choose either Restaurant or Restaurant/Bar integration mode


Integration modes available

Restaurant - Requires staff to enter a table number to open an order on the Tyro terminal.

Restaurant/Bar -  Allows staff to select an order from a list. Only orders which are added to tables will be visible in this.

Retail - Not compatible with Lightspeed  POS.

Note: Tables must only use numbers and orders must be placed on tables in order to be discoverable on your Tyro terminals.


How to find Tyro Operator IDs on POS

A Tyro Operator ID is a 4 digit number that is required by the Tyro terminal to maintain security. Each POS user has their own unique Operator ID which can be found when they are logged into the POS screen in the Help and Support section.

  1. Select Help and support in the bottom left of the POS screen
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select Show my Tyro Operator ID
  3. The Tyro operator ID for the staff member logged in will be displayed


Processing payments and tips at the table

  1. Staff print a Subtotal from POS and present to the guests and continue the nest steps on a Tyro terminal.

  2. P_T_2.jpg

  3. P_T_3.jpg

  4. P_T_4.jpg

  5. P_T_5.jpg

  6. P_T_6.jpg

  7. P_T_7.jpg

  8. P_T_8.jpg

  9. P_T_9.jpg

  10. P_T_10.jpg

  11. P_T_11.jpg

  12. P_T_12.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a single terminal for taking both integrated and Pay at Table payments? 


Not without changing between integration modes. We recommend using more than one terminal for payments at the POS and at the table.


Can I have a mixed setup of terminals that are integrated and Pay@Table?



Can I limit who can perform a Pay@Table?

Not without limiting them from basic POS abilities.


How do customer receipts work with Pay@table?

When a transaction is completed using Pay@Table on a Tyro terminal the Tyro terminal itself will print an EFTPOS receipt as well as prompt to print a merchant copy.

POS Receipts for Pay@Table orders are not printed automatically but can be printed by navigating to via the POS history, finding the order and selecting Reprint receipt


How does surcharging work with Pay@table?

If you are using Tyro's dynamic surcharging, once the customer taps their card they will see the total amount transacted. So be sure to let customers know if you are using this feature and that there will be an additional charge so they are not confused after they tap their card.

If you are using POS adjustments, the total amount will show before the customer taps their card.


Can I use Tyro's Pay@table if my tables have letters in the table names, e.g B1, B2, B3, B4?

No. To use Tyro's Pay@table feature your table names must only use numbers. 

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