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Back Office Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Lightspeed, the one-stop commerce platform for merchants around the world to simplify, scale and provide exceptional customer experiences.

This guide covers items you'll want to set up in your Lightspeed Back Office before you start trading. You can do all of this before you've unboxed your hardware! It starts by logging into from any device that has the internet.

When you log in, you’ll be taken to the Back Office - this is where you’ll get your Lightspeed set up. On the left is the navigation panel, along the top are tabs, and if you see a flame on the bottom-right you can tap it to see your journey to success panel.

At any time, you can head to POS by hitting POS on the top-right, or where it says Back Office, you can click there to navigate between the different Lightspeed Modules.

Let’s waste no time.

Before you begin

You will need the following:

  • Your login details to access Lightspeed Back Office
  • A device with access to the internet with open
  • Your ABN/ NZ GST number

My site information

Expected time to complete: one minute


From My Site, under Site Information, you’ll need to put in your ABN or NZ GST number to be compliant with Business Trading Standards. This information will print on the customer receipt, so you’ll want to fill in your generic phone and email.


Build menu 

Expected time to complete: two to five minutes

Select Products from the navigation. This is your master list, whether it’s what you buy, what you sell, or what you stock- if you’ve added it to Lightspeed, it will appear here. 


You click to add new products or change the name, category, price, and delete with one click. Further configurations, like adding pictures, are found by hitting the settings cogwheel. 

POS Categories. These are what appear on the left-hand side of the POS. You can create new categories, overwrite or delete categories. All products that you sell should live in a category

Option Sets can be used for prompting staff to ask important questions - such as how is that steak cooked or, would you prefer chips/salad or vegetables/mash? They are created, given a name, options are added, with any extra pricing you wish to charge, then linked to a product.


Add staff

Expected time to complete: two minutes


Go to People. Here is where we add our staff. Add a new user, their name, and email address. Once you’ve invited them, edit their permissions. By default, Is this user an admin is set to No with only basic POS permissions ticked. This would be for a casual member of staff. If they are a shift supervisor you can click to give them more permissions, or if they are your second in command, you can switch them on as an admin.


Enable Features 

Expected time to complete: four minutes


From Features, this is the Lightspeed toolbelt. Anything that says available on your plan in blue is included in the price you’re paying. So to get the best value out of Lightspeed, go through each one of these, see which ones are relevant to your business, click on it, hit Enable, and follow any further configurations. 


Set up Integrations 

Expected time to complete: five to ten minutes


Integrations is where you can connect to other tech providers. Popular ones are the Accounting platforms, as well as EFTPOS Payments. Simply click, hit Enable, and follow any further steps.


Use Help & Support Menu

Anytime you’re on the POS or in the Back Office, you can hit the question mark on the bottom-right of the navigation panel. Depending on which page you’re on, you will see related Support Guides. Or, it works like Google where you can type in keywords, and you’ll be taken to our Support Centre and be shown relevant guides. 


There are also the details for our 24/7 Support team so that you have them to hand. Your first port-of-call will be the guides, should those not answer your questions, you can reach out via chat. 

If you do need to speak to someone on the phone, you can call. Our top tip when calling Support is that you can leave a voice message and that will hold your place in the queue and Support will get back to you when they can. 


Finish Set Up 

Expected time to complete: two minutes

From Home, select Dashboard, and there’s a Finish Set Up button. Hit the button and tie up any loose strings. Or, just hit the button below to take you straight there!



Now, why not jump over to your POS and start placing some test orders?



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