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Setting up Single Product Printing


Give customers fresher juices, hotter food, faster service and keep staff focused with individual dockets or sticky labels that show exactly what was ordered and who it's for.

You can use regular paper dockets with the printers you already have, or use the Epson L90 printer to print labels that stick directly to packaging to speed up serving times and always communicate to your staff what needs to be made and where it's going.

  • Minimise miscommunications between staff and customers
  • No additional mess or clutter with liner-free labels
  • Happier customers thanks to quick, efficient service




What's In This Guide?


Before you begin

You would need:

Note - Cannot be used with the Advanced Printing or Courses features.


Enabling Single Product Printing

  1. Select Features in Back Office, then choose Single Product Printing
  2. Select Enable


Setting Up Single Product Printing

Production Printing Settings

By default, all items are sent to all printers. So if you haven't already, be sure to configure these production printing settings.

  1. Select My site in Back Office, then choose Printers
  2. Open the drop-down menu for Production Printing, then select Printer/Item Specific
  3. Select Save


Assigning Products to a Printer

Now you'll see the option to Assign Products to each of your printers. If you do not see this option, be sure to select save after completing the step above.


  1. Select Assign Products for the required printer
  2. Select whole POS categories or individual items that need their own production docket or label
  3. Select Save


Enable Single Product Printing for specific printers

Don't forget to select which printers you want Single Product Printing rules to apply to. If you checked these boxes before you assigned your products, it's likely that you didn't save before doing so. So make sure this step is completed when going through these steps for the first time.

  1. Select the printers that you want to print individual dockets or labels for each product
  2. Select Save


Label Printing

Configuring the L90 Label Printer

The L90 Printer has some advanced settings that need to be adjusted in order to work with Lightspeed.

There are two settings that need to be adjusted for full compatibility with Lightspeed.

Enable ePOS-Print

This can be done through the printer's web interface. 
First, browse to your Printer's IP address in your browser.
(You can obtain the IP address by turning off the printer, holding down the feed button, and turning it back on again. Once it finishes the print, press feed again to turn the self-test mode off. Look for an 'IP Address' number at the top of the receipt.)


Your receipt may look slightly different. Enter that number into the web address on your browser.
(Mine was
You will be warned that you are accessing an insecure site, just click 'Show Advanced' then click 'Proceed to'


You will then be asked to log in.
The username and password should both be epson if that does not work then use your printer's serial number (attached to the model number sticker) as the password.Screen_Shot_2021-07-26_at_7.15.40_pm.png
Note: On newer versions of the printer, the password is the printer serial number (located on a sticker on the bottom of the printer)


Once that is done, go to ePOS-Print (under Configuration, not Network) select Enable and then click Send. Screen_Shot_2021-07-26_at_7.17.30_pm.png


Then click Reset.


ePOS printing is now enabled on your printer.

Disable 'Paper Removal Standby'

This function if left enabled will stop further print jobs until the printed docket is removed. If left enabled this will cause major issues for your POS registers and this must be disabled.

The following steps will work by using the feed button. You have short presses * and long presses -
* = Press the feed button for less than one second
- = Hold the feed button for more than one second

Now, to start, turn the printer off. Press and hold the feed button down and turn it on again, release the feed button when you hear it printing. It will print something like this (shortened to save space).

Once printed, press the feed button for more than one second (-)

Firstly, we want "Customize Value Settings" which on this printout is option 2, so press the feed button 2 times for less than one second then hold for more than one second
(* * -)

Note: Not every printer is the same, so adjust the presses accordingly, but the short presses equate to the number next to the option


We then want "Other Settings" which in this sample is option 13.
Whatever the number next to the printoff is, do that many short presses followed by a long press.
(* * * * * * * * * * * * * -)
Note: On newer printers, it's 11.


We then want "Paper Removal Standby" which in this example you would press the feed button 5 times for less than one second and then hold for more than 1 second
(* * * * * -)
Note: On newer printers, it's 7.


Press the feed button 2 times for less than one second then hold for more than 1 second
(* * -)
When this receipt prints, press and hold the feed button for more than 1 second
( - )

Press for more than 1 second
( - )


You are now complete and ready to start printing!




Frequently Asked Questions

Does Single Product Printing work with group ordering?

Does Single Product Printing work with pass-thru printing?

Does Single Product Printing work with the Lightspeed Bump screen or Bump-it?

How can I reduce the font size on production dockets?
This can be done in the Back Office from the Site Printers page by changing the Production Printing Font Size from "normal" to "small".

Which label printers can I use?
Only the Epson L90 ethernet model listed in the compatible printers guide.

What type of labels can I use?
Only 80mm wide continuous labels can be used. The length is variable since it depends on how much information needs to be printed. 



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