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Syncing Account Sales with Xero

Lightspeed enables you to seamlessly create accounts, place orders under an account, and send customer invoices directly to your Xero Integration, automatically.

This guide will run you through to workflow on how to create Account Sales, where they sync to in Xero & how payment can be applied in either Lightspeed or your Xero Accounting Platform.

For steps on configuring your Accounting Integrations, view the guide here




What's in this Guide?

  • Enabling the Accounts Add-On| 5mins
  • How to Create Account Sales| 5mins
  • Where do Account Sale invoices export to in Xero| 5mins
  • How can payments be applied to Account Sales| 5mins
  • Frequently Asked Questions



Enabling the Accounts Add-On

Head to the Features section in Back Office and search for the Accounts add-on.



Click Enable to turn on the feature.




How to Create Account Sales

Add the Customer & their items to the order

From the POS, when the Customer is ready to order add his items on the POS, select his name by tapping on the 'Add Customer' button. 

If they already exist you can search for their name or add them as a new customer.



Select Checkout and then On Account


Confirm the Account Sale identity


The sale will now be added to the customers account, if you have your Xero Integration setup and configured this will now be queued to send through to Xero.



Where do Account Sale invoices export to in Xero?

When you place an order onto a Customers account, this will then be sent as an Awaiting Payment invoice into Xero.

To access your invoices, you can select Business and Invoices from the menu bar in Xero.


Your Account Sale invoice will have;

  • A Prefix if this was set in your Accounting Integration
  • The Lightspeed SaleID for the Account Sale
  • The Sale/SP Number of the sale
  • The Products you have added to the order. (Note: If products are added in quantities, they will appear as separate lines in Xero)




How can payments be applied to Account Sales?

Making payments in Lightspeed

The Account Sale Integration support payments from both Lightspeed or Xero, if a payment is made in Lightspeed this will then be sent through to the matching invoice in Xero on the next Integration sync.

For steps on how to process Account payments on POS, you can view this guide

Making payments in Xero

To apply payments on an Account Sale in Xero, you will first need to Approve the invoice.


Once you have approved the invoice you will see a Payment section, here you can add the payment amount, the account you want to payment to be recording to in Xero & the date/reference for the payment.


Once this payment has been added it will be synced to Lightspeed on the next sync and be applied to the Account Sale under the payment type Xero Accounts



Frequently Asked Questions


What Accounting Platforms are Account Sales supported on?

Account Sales will work with all Accounting Platforms but only Xero, MYOB AccountRight & QuickBooks support bidirectional syncing of payments. With MYOB Essentials, payments are only sent one way from Lightspeed to MYOB Essentials.

Are discounts supported in Account Sales?

Account Sales can support discounts if they are added before the sale is placed On Account. Once the sale is already on account, no modifications can be made so discounts and deletions will no longer be supported. 

Are you able to use Xero Credit Notes to clear out Account Sales?

Account Sales only support the syncing of payments, if a credit note is applied to an Account Sale then that will only work on the invoice in Xero and it won't sync back to clear off the order in Lightspeed.

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