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Setting up your cash drawer with Lightspeed

Things you'll need:
- Cash drawer cable also known as an RJ12 cable
- Lightspeed Compatible printer

Things to know before you begin:
The cash drawer works entirely through your Lightspeed compatible printer so you'll first need to set up your printer with Lightspeed App Printing or Intelligent printing before you begin to setup your cash drawer


Setting up your Cash Drawer

  1. Grab your Cash Drawer cable and connect it in to the cash drawer slot in your printer:

    Image of the cash drawer input on a TM-M30 printer.
    Note: The input may differ in location depending on the printer. 
  2.  Next head to POS > POS Menu > Printing:


  3. Next switch the 'Open Drawer' setting to yes for the printer that will trigger the cash drawer on this register(these settings are unique for each register you have):

    Note: If you're unsure of which printer is connected to the cash drawer, see FAQ's at the bottom of this article

  4. Next, hit the 'test' button to see if the cash drawer is working:

    Note: If the cash drawer did not open at this step, see details in FAQ's to isolate where the issue might be
  5. Next hit 'Save and Close' to save the changes on this register.



I connected everything but my cash drawer didn't open?
Things to check in this scenario:

- Is the cable for the cash drawer plugged in to the correct port on your printer?
The cash drawer port will have a cash drawer icon near it
- Is the cash drawer locked?
in this scenario you should be able to hear a click when you trigger the cash drawer. The cash drawer would have come with a key to unlock it. 
- Is your printer printing?
If the printer isn't printing, the cash drawer won't get triggered since the cash drawer connects to POS via the printer. 
Alternatively you can reach out to Lightspeed Support any time via clicking on 'Help & Support' in Back Office or POS and then selecting 'Talk to the Support Team' 

How do I know which printer is connected to the cash drawer? 

With Lightspeed App Printing the way you could locate the printer is by getting a status sheet from the printer and comparing the IP on the status sheet of the printer with what is in the Lightspeed POS printing page. 

To get a status sheet from the printer:

Epson Printer:
- Using a pen, press the small reset button on the back of the printer for 3-4 seconds then release.
- A docket will print
- Note the IP address

Star Printer:
- Switch the printer off
- Press and hold the Feed button
- While continuing to holding the Feed button, switch the printer back on
- Release the feed button after 5 seconds
- A docket will print
- Note the IP address


For intelligent printing(which is used for customers using a Windows/Mac computer as their POS)you'd just need to hit the 'test' button next to the printer to get an idea of which device is which. 


Can I still trigger my cash drawer if my printer isn't working?

No, you will need to manually open it with the key if the printer connected to your cash drawer isn't working. This guide will help you troubleshoot your printing issues further. 

Why can't I switch the 'Open Drawer' button on for multiple printers?

The POS printing page is specific for the register profile that you are logged in to on that device and will only allow the cash drawer to be switched on for one printer profile.

Can I edit the cash drawer setting in the POS printing page from Back Office?
Yes, to change the cash drawer setting from Back Office:
1. Head to Back Office > My Site > Devices > Registers > Click on the cog next to the register you want to edit


2. Click on the printing tab for that register. Here you'll be able to configure the Receipt and Cash Drawer settings for the register.


When I hit 'Test' I can hear the cash drawer open, but it's locked? 

This means that the cash drawer is getting triggered from POS but you'll need to grab the cash drawer key to unlock the drawer. 

How do I trigger the cash draw in POS from the sales page?

Click on the cog in the bottom right corner > Cash drawer
Note: POS users will need to have the correct permissions to perform this action



Can I restrict certain users from opening the cash drawer?
Only admin users and users with the following permission enabled on their user profile will have access to open the cash drawer:

You can find more about user permissions in this guide

Where do I buy a cash drawer?

Via our online store of course! 


Can I stop the cash drawer from opening when I pay by a manual payment type?
No. Manual payments trigger a signal to the cash drawer to open. 





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