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Transferring ownership of a Lightspeed Restaurant O-Series site

If you are planning on selling your business to a new owner, or are buying an existing business that is running Lightspeed - transferring ownership is a breeze. However, you should consider the following information to decide if transferring site ownership is right for you.

Transfering site ownership will keep all historical reporting and sales data intact.

Additionally, the following will remain intact: (you may choose to change these at a later date)

  • all products and POS layout
  • all hardware settings and connections (POS devices, EFTPOS machines, and printers)
  • all integrations and their mapping* 
  • all features and their settings
  • users and their permissions will remain, except you may adjust the permissions of the existing owner, or delete them entirely

We recommend transferring site ownership if you are transferring ownership to an existing employee, creating and setting up franchises, or any other situation where you are happy to share your sales data and are maintaining the same hardware. 

A site transfer can only happen with the existing owner’s permission to preserve sales privacy. Without this, new owners will need to set up a new company and thus, a clean slate. However, this will require setting up the software and hardware to ensure everything is ready before you start trading. See more information below New owners. 

*Integrations are mapped to an individual’s account. You should check with the existing owner whose details have been used to log into third-party software.

(This guide is only if you need to transfer the ownership of your site and subscription to another user, if you just want to change your name or email, you can simply change your User Profile here.)

What's in this guide?

Before you begin

Please note:

  • Only the existing site owner or a Lightspeed employee can perform a site transfer
  • If you are not the existing owner and require our team to process the Site Transfer, you must provide evidence that the site owner has given permission for the site to be transferred. 
  • To expedite the process, the new site owner should add their Billing Payment information in advance.
  • If you have a Lightspeed Payments terminal, please ensure you reach out to your Account Manager prior to the transfer of ownership to assist in the transfer of your terminals ownership. 

Transfer site ownership - if you are the existing site owner

Note - The new owner must already have accepted an invitation to the site and be  given admin access (Is this user an admin? YES).
  1. You must be logged in as the site owner
  2. From the Back Office, select Subscriptions

If you have more than one site, you will be prompted to select which one.

  1. Scroll down to Site management and select transfer ownership
Note - If you are signed up with Lightspeed Payments, you will need to reach out to your Account Manager to assist with the transfer of ownership of your Lightspeed Payments Terminals. 
  1. Select which user will be the new owner of the site
  2. Select Send Invitation. You will see a dialogue box to confirm the action, select Send
  3. An email will be sent to the new owner. This contains a link to accept the transfer of ownership, which will need to be accepted before this process can be finalised
  4. The new owner will now be prompted to update their payment details which they can do if they have not already done so.

The invitation has a limited lifespan. If the invite times out, you must resend. 



Transfer site ownership - if you are the new site owner

If you are not the existing site owner and require our team to process the site transfer, you must provide evidence that the existing site owner has given permission for the site to be transferred. 

This can be an email or phone call from the existing site owner to your Customer Success Manager. If you do not know who your Customer Success Manager is, please reach out to our Support team. 

Once you have provided evidence to your CSM, if you are not a user on the site, you will receive an invitation to the site and be given admin access, you must accept this.

  1. Update your payment details. This is a required step.
  2. Your Customer Success Manager will then transfer the site to you

New owners

As mentioned, without confirmation from the existing site owner Lightspeed can not transfer a site. In this case, we recommend you create a new account with Lightspeed, or add a new company to your existing account. You’ll know if you have an account if you can log in to 

Creating a new account and adding a new company involves setting up the Lightspeed software and setting up your hardware. 

Create a new account 

If you are new to Lightspeed and have not had a subscription with us, you will need to create a new account first.

  1. Create an account

Adding a new company

For those who already have subscriptions with Lightspeed, e.g. owner of a group or multi-site venues, you can choose to a new company.

  1. Check out this guide Adding Companies, Sites, & Registers 

Set up your Lightspeed

Now that you have created a Lightspeed site, you can go ahead and start setting up your Back Office and your hardware

If the same network equipment and printers are being used, we recommend working with the existing owner to copy the settings of the printer setup and register setup to the new account. 

What's my next step?

Get familiar with what Lightspeed can do, watch our POS Basics video to learn to use POS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer a Lightspeed account or site without sharing previous data?

No. Transferring site ownership will include access to all historical reports, company products & users.

Do I need to call or email anyone once I’ve transferred ownership?

No, but we recommend that the new owner gets in touch with our Customer Success team to ensure they are fully onboarded and making the most of their new site. If you do not know who your Customer Success Manager is, please reach out to our Support team. 


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