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Setting up Deliverect

With Deliverect, you can sync your menu on the Back Office to DoorDash, Menulog and Uber Eats and have orders sent straight to your POS. 

This guide by no means covers the lengths and breadths of customisation Deliverect offers - however, it does cover the elements that are mission-critical as part of the setup. 

Deliverect will also help you get set up as part of their onboarding process, you can contact them here for further assistance.




What's In This Guide

Before You Begin

Logging in to Lightspeed Delivery | 1 minute

Sync your Products  | 1 minute

Create a Lightspeed Delivery menu | 5 minutes

  • Set up Lightspeed Delivery menu
  • Create Categories and add Products
  • Rearrange Categories and Products

Update Product details | 5 minutes

  • Restore Product values

Set Menu Availability | 1 minute

What's next?

Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Begin

You'll need:

  • A Lightspeed POS plan.
  • An account with Uber Eats, Menulog or DoorDash.
  • Your products and offerings added to Back Office.



Sync your Products

Syncs pull through your products from Lightspeed. Without syncing your products, you won’t be able to build your delivery menu on Lightspeed Delivery. 

    1. Go to Locations.
    2. Select your location.
    3. Click Sync products.



Create a Deliverect menu

Set up Deliverect menu

  1. Navigate to the Menus page in the sidebar.
  2. Click on the +Add New Menu button.
  3. Choose from Option 1 - Create menu.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • Menu Image: Upload an image to display on your menu.*
    • Menu Name: This name will be shown to customers on your channels.**
    • Internal Menu Name (optional): By adding a name, you can easily distinguish this menu. This name won't be shown outside of Deliverect.
    • Menu Description: Provide additional information about this menu.
    • Type: How customers will receive their orders (delivery, pickup, etc). Please note, you will need to contact the delivery partners if you want to offer delivery only.
    • Use Products From: Choose which location to use.


  1. Click on the Save Menu And Create Categories once ready.

*This will not sync to DoorDash or UberEats. After you have published your menu you can add a Menu Image to the DoorDash/UberEats merchant portal. For Menulog, the menu image will sync, after it's been approved by Menulog.

**Do not use the terms "Uber", "DoorDash",  or "Menulog" in your delivery Menu Name if you are going to be using one menu across all the platforms. 


Create Categories and add Products

Now is the time to add categories to your menu.

  1. Click on +Add Category.
  2. Enter a name for this category and optionally a description.
  3. Click Add Category.
  4. Once the category has been created, you can add items to it. To do so, click on the + add menu items button.
  5. Choose the products you would like to add to your menu. You can select multiple at once and search for products. Click on the Add Products button once ready.



Rearrange Categories and Products

You can rearrange your categories by clicking and dragging them by the area circled below.




You can rearrange your products by clicking and dragging them by the area circled below. Or, you can sort them by name or price with the Sort Menu Items button.



Update Product details

Once your products are synced to Deliverect, you will be able to edit the information, such as the price or pictures, to make the products customer-facing. e.g. You can add pictures of your Products or a description aimed towards your customers, while keeping a more operational version in your POS.

Important-  images are not supported through the API to push to Doordash. You need to upload images directly to Doordash through the Doordash merchant portal after you have published the menu if you want images on your menu.

  1. Click Menus from the Navigation sidebar
  2. Select the menu you want to modify
  3. Click on Manage Menu Items
  4. Click the 3 dots next to the Product you want to modify.


Once you are done, click on Save Edits.


Products will sync with attached Option Sets, these can be found under Attached Modifier Groups, found by selecting a product to modify. From here, you can edit your Options and Option Sets. 



These modifications will be visible for your customers on your different Delivery channels yet not in your POS. 

Note -  if you changed the product description on Deliverect, and then you add a new one on your POS, when syncing the products, the description from your POS won't be added to Deliverect.


Restore product values

After modifying a product's name, price or description, you’ll see a yellow arrow. To restore one of the fields you modified to reflect POS, just click on the yellow arrow on top of the modified field. 




Set Menu availability

Once your menu has been created, you'll need to set its availability - these are the times your menus will be available.

  1. In Menus, select Manage Availability
  2. Select Add Menu Availability
  3. Select your locations
  4. Click and drag along the times you'd like the menu to run. You can add split-service hours by making multiple blocks on one day. All white space will result in no available menu.



Once your times are set, click Submit. Please note, if you're just updating Menu Availability, there's no 'Submit' button. Simply change the green blocks and then click off the availability builder.




Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my delivery channels?

Deliverect's team will help manage this for you, they can be reached here.


Can I use an Option Set within an Option Set?

It's not possible to have what we call embedded Option Sets, however, you can link as many Option Sets to a Product as you like. You can also use variants to customise your workflows.


On the Edit Product page, what is Delivery Tax and Take Away Tax?
GST, there is no need to change these from the pre-set 10%. Deliverect, which powers Lightspeed Delivery, is a global product so allows European customers to set alternative tax rates. 


Can I connect Deliveroo to Deliverect?

Deliveroo Australia entered administration and therefore is no longer supported by Deliverect. (18/10/2022)



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