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Lightspeed Payments

The POS + Payments All-in-One Solution to run and manage your business.

Payments are automatically pushed to the payment terminal, and back, ensuring every purchase amount is correctly displayed, paid and recorded inside the POS, reducing double handling, risk of errors and administration.

  • Contactless - Let guests tap their cards and mobile devices to pay
  • Safe and secure - End to end encryption and built in PCI compliance. 
  • 24/7 Support - We’ve always got your back with one support team for POS and Payments.


What's In This Guide?

Before you begin

For those who are taking part in the beta, please follow the steps below and reach out through chat to reach our Support Team if you have any issues.

  • You also will need to download the latest version of the Lightspeed Kounta POS App on all your iPads. Please note, at this point in time Lightspeed Payments is only compatible with Apple iPads.

  • Unbox the terminals and ensure they have power if they are battery operated such as the V400, e280 or e285.

  • Connect your terminals to your Wifi and make sure they are connected to the same Wifi network that your Lightspeed POS terminals are connected to.

Note: We recommend that 15 minutes pass before attempting to pair a terminal to a register, after connecting the terminal to Wifi.


Setting up your Payment Terminal


Accessing the Admin Menu

You'll need the Admin menu on the terminal for various tasks. To open the Admin menu:

  1. Select 1 and then the Confirm key.

As seen on the P400 plus and v400m



As seen on the e280 and e285



Connecting to Wifi

    1. On the terminal display, select Configure network.
    2. Select Wi-Fi.
    3. Turn on the Wi-Fi toggle switch.
    4. Select the + icon to add a network. The terminal scans for Wi-Fi networks.
    5. Choose the desired network from the list and enter the Wi-Fi password, or select Add manually and enter the name (SSID) of the Wi-Fi network and the Wi-Fi password.
    6. Select the check mark to confirm.
      The terminal sets the network as default automatically, and connects to it.
      You'll now see a Wi-Fi icon at the top of the display.

Accessing the Device info

To view information about the terminal:
  • Select 5 and then the Confirm key.


A screen similar to the one shown here appears, with:
  • Model, serial number, and IP address of the terminal.
  • Software version and configuration version that the terminal currently uses.
  • Merchant account and store that the terminal belongs to.

Enabling Lightspeed Payments

  1. Go to Back Office, select Integrations.
  2. Find and select Lightspeed Payments.
  3. Once opened click 'Enable'.

Enabling tipping on terminal

  1. After you enable Lightspeed Payment you will be able to access the Settings page
  2. Scroll down till you see Terminal features
  3. Enable Tipping

Enabling Surcharging on terminal

1. Login to Lightspeed POS or Back Office

2. Select > Help & Support > Talk to the Support Team 

3. You'll notice a chat window will appear in the page > Select 'Send us a message' (if the chat doesn't land on this page, you may need to click the blue arrow in the top left corner to navigate back to it)

4. Select 'Payments' > Lightspeed Payments > 'I would like to enable Surcharging'. Once selected, a  request to enable surcharging will be triggered to our Payment Operations Team to action which can take up to 5 business days to be completed. 


Pairing the Payment Terminal with POS

  1. Go to POS on any register that you wish to connect to a Lightspeed Payment terminal.

  2. Select ‘Lightspeed Payments’ on the left side bar menu.


  3. You will be see a window showing all the terminals associated to your account.

    Find the terminal that you want to pair to this register, based on the Serial Number and/or Model of the terminal.

    The serial numbers can be found on the back of certain terminals or can be found in the the device by selecting the number 5 and then pressing the green Enter button.

    Once found select Pair terminal


  4. Wait for POS to pair to your Payment Terminal

  5. You're done! Selecting Lightspeed Payments at your next transaction will send the payment to that terminal.


Unpairing a Terminal from your POS

If you wish to make your Lightspeed Payments terminal available for another register - simply go to the Lightspeed Payments option in the POS menu.

Select 'Unpair' on the terminal paired to your device.


Processing payments, tips and surcharges

Payments on POS

For the fastest checkout experience, we recommend you choose Lightspeed Payments in Site Information, as well as enable Fast Payments in the Register Settings as seen below.

Please see the Fast Payments on POS guide for more info. 

Site Information


Register Settings

  1. Select the Fast Payments button on POS (the lightning bolt)
  2. On the terminal, tap, swipe or insert the customers card
  3. Confirm the payment was successful 

Tipping on the terminal

  1. Make sure you have enabled Tipping on terminal first
  2. Select the Fast Payments button on POS (the lightning bolt)
  3. Customers will be presented the option of 5%, 10%, 15%, a custom amount or to skip

How Surcharging works

When surcharging is enabled and a payment is sent to your Lightspeed terminal, the respective merchant fee will automatically be applied as a surcharge to the total amount after the customer taps/inserts their card. You will also have the option to enable a consent prompt on the terminal which will be triggered prior to payment alerting the customer of the fee involved with the transaction. 

Be aware of the following:

  • Once surcharging is enabled you will need to do a config update on all terminals
  • Surcharges are not reported back to the POS, as such the surcharge amount itself will not be visible anywhere in your system or Lightspeed Kounta sales and reconciliation reports.
  • Surcharging is not displayed on the terminal at any time.
    (This is largely the case with all of our third-party EFT providers as well).

Australian customers please note that from a legal standpoint, a small sign warning customers of the surcharge placed on a counter near the payment terminal or your POS will usually suffice as required notice, however we do encourage all users to check with the relevant regulations in their locality.


Pay@table (coming soon!) 


Transaction and Settlement Reports

After Lightspeed Payments has been enabled, you can access your reports about transactions and settlements in Lightspeed Insights. Not using Insights yet? Check out this guide to get started.

Please note that transaction and settlement data takes 24 hours to process and will only appear after this time.


Your Transactions Summary shows your transaction amount within a specified timeframe and see trends over time.


Your Settlement Summary  show an overview of your net deposit over a nominated time period and understand the associated fees.



  Created time This is when the payment was processed on POS with the customer.
  Transaction Status A transaction status can be success, pending, declined, failed, unknown or other.
  Settlement Status A settlement status can be paid, pending, in-transit, failed, cancelled or unknown.
  Net Amount This is the amount that you receive as the merchant after fees are taken.
  Transaction Fee This is the amount that we, Lightspeed, are charging for that transaction.
  Amount This is the combined total of the amount charged to a customer plus the transaction fee.
  Last 4 digits This is the last 4 digits of the card used by the customer.
  Transaction type A transaction type can be a sale, refund, chargeback or void.



Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a problem, how do I reach Support?
Select the '?' in the bottom left corner anywhere in Lightspeed POS or Back Office, select 'Talk to the support team'.

Then select 'Payments', and you'll be connected with a payments expert.

How long does it take for the settlement money to be deposited into my nominated bank account?

Your first payout can take up to 5 business days, this is because once your first settlement has been completed, the payout will go through a series of checks with the banks before the funds can be deposited. After the first payout has been successful it takes between 24-48 hours from the time the transaction is processed to be deposited in to your bank account. 

Where is Lightspeed Payments available?
Currently, Lightspeed Payments is only available in Australia.

How do I see how much is being deposited in my account?
Jump into Lightspeed Insights, select Lightspeed Payments, then Settlement Summary.

Can I pair a Lightspeed Payment terminal to multiple POS registers.
Currently each terminal will need to be paired to only one register.

Can I view my surcharge totals in Insights?

The surcharge totals won't appear in Insights currently but this is something we're working on. 

Can Lightspeed Payments be linked to a Tyro bank account?

No. Only Tyro products can be linked to a Tyro bank account.



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