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Payments Integration - Windcave (NZ)

Windcave's integration with Lightspeed Kounta POS enables merchants to integrate their Windcave HIT-enabled terminals allowing merchants to process secure payments.

This guide helps you enable Windcave and process payments.   

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that Windcave maintain this integration, support beyond what is provided in this guide should typically be raised with their support team; our frontline team do not have any capacity to troubleshoot this integration.


What's In This Guide?

Before you Begin

Associating Register to Windcave Terminal

Enable Windcave

Authorising Windcave Addon

Syncing POS

What's Your Next Step?

Frequently Asked Questions


Before You Begin

Setting up the integration is easy. You need:

    • Your HIT (Host Initiated Transaction) terminals on hand
    • Windcave enabled on Lightspeed's Back Office
    • A stable internet connection


Associating Register to Windcave Terminal

Before you can begin using the Windcave Addon you must first associate your Register(s) to a Windcave Terminal, to do so merchants can follow the below steps:

  1. Locate your Company and Site ID, this can be found on Lightspeed's Back Office under the Help & Support button.
  2. Obtain your Register ID, merchants simply need to contact Lightspeed support with their Site ID and request the relevant Register ID’s.
  3. Submit a request to associate the devices to, this request should include the below details for each register to be associated:
    • Company ID
    • Site ID
    • Register ID
    • Windcave Terminal Serial Number
  4. The Windcave Support team will advise once the device association has been completed.


Enable Windcave 

  1. Go to the Integrations' page on Lightspeed's Back Office and click Windcave. mceclip1.png
  2. Enable Windcave.mceclip0.png 


Authorising Windcave Addon

Merchants must first authorise the Windcave Addon to be added to their Lightspeed POS account; please note the Windcave Addon will receive the same privileges as the user Authorising it. It is strongly recommended the below steps are follow from an administrator account with high access levels.

  1. Navigate to the following webpage 
  2. You will be prompted to log in if not already logged into your Lightspeed Back Office.BO.png
  3. Once logged in, a popup requesting which company should be accessible by the Windcave Addon.
  4. Once Authorised, the Windcave payment option should appear at checkout.BO3.png

  5. You're done! 


Syncing POS

If the Windcave Payment option does not appear at checkout, please sync your register to ensure the latest changes in the Back Office are downloaded to the POS.

Syncing the register can be done from the POS itself from the Sync option in the main menu or your Back Office login. For further information on Syncing from your back office, please refer to the Sync Registers from Back Office support article.



What's Your Next Step?

Finalising your takings with integrated payments is super easy. Check out our guide now!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a Windcave account?

To set up a new account, visit this webpage. You can also do this through the Windcave Integrations' page on Lightspeed's Back Office and click Apply Now.


Are there any limitations?

There are currently some limitations with the Windcave Integration that we would like to highlight;

  • Gift Card Payments - The Windcave integration cannot be used to perform integrated top-ups; these would need to be entered manually through the terminal and Lightspeed Lightspeed.  You can find more details on how to add a manual payment type here
  • Surcharges - Surcharges can be triggered in Lightspeed and sent to the Windcave terminal included in the sale price. The Windcave integration supports the ability to surcharge from the terminal. When a surcharge is added to the terminal, Windcave will return the original amount to Lightspeed, so the integration works correctly. The POS doesn’t record it, but this information is available in their Windcave daily settlement.

I get this error message, what is happening?


You'll need to contact Windcave to ensure they have your payment terminal appropriately assigned to your account. 




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