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Welcome to Lightspeed Delivery

Sync your menu with major food delivery apps and establish your business online to serve more customers. With Lightspeed Delivery, you get all your online orders from UberEats, MenuLog and DoorDash directly on your POS. 

Lightspeed Delivery (powered by Deliverect) is supporting venues of all sizes, small cafes to multi-site restaurants, improve their service efficiencies and workflows by connecting their POS to the delivery channels.



Why use Lightspeed Delivery?


Same product, different prices, many channels!

With delivery channels taking anywhere up to 30% of the payment, your profits suddenly become their profits. With Lightspeed Delivery, you can painlessly adjust your pricing on all your delivery channels to factor in the commission fee and maintain your margins.

Instead of updating your pricing three times (UberEats, DoorDash, and MenuLog), with Lightspeed Delivery’s integration you can streamline and standardise your pricing in one place, with a click of a button. 


Fewer tablets, no more keying-in errors

Lightspeed Delivery gives you organisational bliss with all orders landing directly on your POS.  No more over-stretched staff juggling multiple tablets, and the clutter of unsightly dangling wires.


Fewer cancelled orders or substitutions

Running low on something? Rather than having disappointed customers, with Lightspeed Delivery’s Snooze feature, you can remove the product on all your delivery channels for a specific amount of time so your customer can’t add it to their order during that period. 

And when it gets very busy, and you can't keep up with the orders coming in, you can close your store temporarily. This functionality is called Busy Mode.



The Locations tab

You’ll see your venue here, when you click on your venue it will expand and you’ll see a list of all your Delivery channels.

Whenever you make any changes to the products within your POS, you will need to sync these changes to your Deliverect account, this can also be done from the Locations tab. 


The Products tab

“I’ve already set up all my products in my delivery channels, why must I build them in Lightspeed Delivery?” It’s because the products on the delivery platforms need to communicate with the products in your Back Office. The way the system does this is by using the same Price Look-up (PLU) code. 


So as part of the set up, you’ll import products from your Back Office into your Lightspeed Delivery, and you can find all of them in the Products tab. 


The Menus tab

This is where you can create your menu, add your categories, add products to those categories, and edit your product details. 


Manage menu items

From here you can:

  • rearrange your category and product order to find a layout that works for you.
  • update product information that you want to change – such as name, price or description.

TIP:  Do double-check your spelling and replace your shorthand names. All products are directly imported from Back Office, so what you see here is exactly what your customers will see once you’ve published the menu. 


Manage availability

Let the system know when you would like the menu to be operational for. 

You can even have split-service or have different menus running at different times, e.g Breakfast menu 10am-3pm, Dinner menu 5-9pm.


Preview menu

This is where you can test your orders. Once you build or amend your menu, it's strongly encouraged that you preview the menu to ensure it offers exactly what you need, before you push it live to your delivery platforms.


Duplicate menu

For most delivery channel or location-specific changes, you can use Deliverect's Finetuning feature. However, if you offer a different menu in the mornings (add breakfast category), or on different days (add dinner options on a Sunday), you can opt to duplicate your menu. 

By duplicating an existing menu, you save the time and hassle of having to add images and descriptions all over again.


Delete Menu

If you are changing your existing menus, the menu(s) that you wish to remove can simply be deleted.


The Orders tab

See the orders that have been placed, the channel they came from, and the status of the order, And, also provide the breakdown of each order.

The filtering options zoom in on specifics if you’re looking for something in particular. 


The Snooze tab

You can temporarily remove products from your online menus (for up to 30 days in the future) by using the Snooze feature. You can view your Snoozed Products on this page, change the existing snooze duration, or make the item available again. 


The Users tab

Invite members of staff to your Lightspeed Delivery account so they can have their own controls. It’s also possible to customise each User’s permissions. 


The Operations Reports tab

View all your operational changes that have been made in your Lightspeed Delivery account. From Menu Pushes to Product Syncs, you will be able to see the status of those changes and the times they were initiated. 


The Reports tab

See how many orders you’ve taken, which are your most popular items, and how long you’ve snoozed certain products for. With this functionality, you can also compare your delivery channels for instant results on which channel is getting you the most/least orders. 



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Lightspeed Delivery starts at $50 a month for up to 500 orders p/month, $80 for 501- 1,000 orders p/month, $120 for more than 1,001 orders p/month. There are no additional transaction fees, lock-in contracts or lengthy delays in receiving funds for your orders. Find out more on  our website. 


What do I need to get started?

You’ll be guided and onboarded by an Account Manager. If you don’t know who s/he is, please contact Support on 02 8599 2247 and they’ll be able to connect you.


How long does it take to get set up with Lightspeed Delivery?

While it is difficult to generalise, the average time takes about two weeks. The process to go live happens in two stages: preparation; and activation. You can help drive down the preparation time by supplying your Customer Success Manager with the information they require as soon as they request it. The activation stage conforms to delivery partner turnaround times, read this How long does it take to stage my channels? FAQ for more information on activation. 


Will customer data sync to my Lightspeed database?

No. Delivery channels own the customer data and have policies in place that prevent them from sharing it with a third party. 


Why do I need to build my menu in Lightspeed Delivery if I’ve already built one in a delivery channel?

Products on the platform need to communicate with the products in Back Office, this is achieved by using the same Price Look-up (PLU) code. Without a Lightspeed Delivery menu, your products in delivery channels will not be recognised by the POS and the order will fail.

The good news is, building a Lightspeed Delivery menu is quick, easy and painless!  As part of the set up, you’ll import products from your Back Office into your Lightspeed Delivery account.



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