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Going live on Lightspeed Delivery

To get up and running with Lightspeed Delivery,  you will work closely with your Account Manager to connect your delivery channels and publish your menu to start receiving delivery orders in your POS.

But first, have you set up your delivery menu? If not, stop, go back! and follow the Setting up Lightspeed Delivery Menu guide.



What’s in this guide?

Before you begin

Sending customer-facing URLs to your Account Manager | 2 minutes

Requesting to receive orders on DoorDash | 2 minutes

Choosing channel settings

Testing orders | 2 minutes

Publishing Menu | 2 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin

Before you start this process, please make sure you have access to the following:

  • A Lightspeed POS plan.
  • An account with Uber Eats, Deliveroo or DoorDash.
  • A completed Lightspeed Delivery menu.
  • A customer-facing URL for each delivery channel (see below how to source these).
  • Your DoorDash merchant portal login details.
  • An Account Manager to help set up and connect your channels. (If you don’t know who s/he is, please contact Support on 02 8599 2247).


Sending customer-facing URLs to your Account Manager

To connect your delivery channels to your Lightspeed Delivery, please send your customer-facing URLs to your Account Manager by email.

The customer-facing URL is the link to your store from the customer’s perspective. It’s important for us to have access to this URL to ensure we’re connecting to the correct store.


Remember: you will need to send the individual URL for each channel you wish to connect.

Requesting to receive orders on DoorDash

For merchants who have a DoorDash account, DoorDash requires you to submit a request for DoorDash orders to be received on your POS.

  1. Log into your​ ​DoorDash Merchant Portal
  2. Go to the Help section on the left-hand side, select Account Support and Change Order Protocol. Doordash_Protocol.png
  3. You will be prompted to select if you’d like to integrate one or multiple stores, then select Point of Sale.
  4. Confirm the store name and address and fill in your POS integration information.
  • Who is your Point of Sale Provider: Deliverect/ Kounta /  Lightspeed
  • What is the Unique ID for your store brand: this can be found in your URL- it’s the string of numbers at the end (please see below).



Choosing channel settings

Your Account Manager can help you to adjust the channel settings that best suit your workflows and operations.

Pass-thru printing

Let your orders go straight to production. As the name suggests, Pass-Thru Printing allows orders to pass through without the need to be approved manually by your staff. During peak periods, this will be super helpful when you need all hands on deck and nothing slowing you down.

Tip: we recommend you activate this feature as soon as possible as it is the most efficient workflow. When you’re ready, ask your Account Manager to switch this on.

Payment types

Your Account Manager will create a payment type per delivery channel. This configuration is best practice and will enable you to differentiate between channels in your reports. For example, you’ll be able to highlight how much of each product you have sold per channel. 

If you’d prefer a different set up, please reach out to your Account Manager to let them know.


Testing orders

Before going live with your online delivery channels, we recommend sending a couple of test orders from your Lightspeed Delivery portal to your POS to see how the orders will be printed.

Note - test orders will contribute towards your venue's daily revenue so make sure to refund the order from within your POS once the test is complete.
  1. In Menus, select the menu you'd like to place a test order from. Select Preview Menu.Preview_menu.png
  2. If you have multiple locations, select the one you'd like the order to go to. Mulitple_locations.png
  3. Select the products you'd like to test and click Add To Cart. If you have items with an attached Option Set, don’t forget to test these as well, so you can see how they print in your POS. If your checks print in both the bar and kitchen, add both a food and drink product.Make_Order.png
  4. When you're happy with your order, clickAdd Info. Here you can opt to add an Order Note or Customer Address to see how they appear in your POS and print on the checks. Once complete, click Place Order. Add_to_basket.png
  5. You will hear the order on your POS, and you’ll be able to see it under Orders. Or, if you have Pass-Thru Printing enabled the order will automatically print.

    You can also view the status of the test order from your Lightspeed Delivery Orders page.


Publishing Menu

Publishing your menu is the final and most important step once you are ready to go live. This allows the menu you've built in Lightspeed Delivery to be displayed online for your customers to order from.

It’s important to remember that every time you perform a change to your menu, and you want it to be visible to customers, you’ll need to re-publish it by following these steps again.

  1. Head to Menus. Click Publish MenusPublish_menus.png
  2. You will see a pop-up screen. In the dropdown menu select the menu you would like to update online. 
  3. Select the delivery channels you would like to publish the menu to.
  4. Click Publish Menus.Push_menus.png You can check if your menu publish was successful if you go back to the Menus section and press View Push History.View_Push_History.png


What's next?

Want to dig into more detail with your products and fine-tune your menu? Check out the Advanced Lightspeed Delivery Menu settings guide.

Learn how to manage busy times by snoozing products and removing out of stock items for fewer cancelled orders or substitutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

I got a failed menu publish, what could be the reason?

- Deliveroo requires a menu image. See Menu - Info tab. 

In this case, an image needs to be added to your menu.Please update your menu accordingly by clicking on Edit Menu.

-  "error": { "code": "too_many_requests", "message": "api calls for this menu update have exceeded the RPS limit" } } 

Take a breath, wait a minute and try to publish your menu again. 

- "error": "Brand ID missing in ChannelLink" 

Please contact your Lightspeed account manager or 

- Menu push aborted: Missing APIKey for channel link ID: 

Please contact your Lightspeed account manager or 

- "error": "invalid site IDs: 

Please contact your Lightspeed account manager or


Why are my images not coming through on DoorDash?
Images are not supported through the API to push to DoorDash. You need to upload images directly to DoorDash through the DoorDash merchant portal to show images on your menu.


What should I do with my UberEats/DoorDash/Deliveroo tablets?

It’s recommended to keep them on hand for the first week as a backup. Once you’re confident that the connection is working seamlessly, you can store them out of the way.

Your Deliveroo tablet will need to be switched On always so that orders can land in POS.

However, we recommend that you keep the Uber and DoorDash tables switched On too. This is because drivers can only be contacted via the tablet, so make sure your tablet is easily accessible.


Will payments from delivery orders for each delivery partner automatically reconcile on POS?

No. It is not possible to send unique delivery channel reconciliations through one integration. 




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