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The Lightspeed Integration with OpenTable

With OpenTable and Lightspeed, you can accept online reservations in OpenTable, and when the customer arrives, seat them at a table in OpenTable and automatically open an order with your guest's details on POS. 

More than just efficient workflows, our integration lets your Host see in OpenTable what customers have ordered in real time and review past reservations. 


  • Create better guest experiences with access to guest and staff reservation notes from the POS
  • Keep reservation status in sync with the progress of orders and payments
  • Get full visibility of what products customers purchase and their total spend in OpenTable


What's In This Guide?

Before you begin

You would need the following:

  • A Manage or Extend Lightspeed POS plan
  • The Tables feature must be enabled and configured 
  • A Core or Pro OpenTable plan
  • The Floorplan feature must be enabled and configured 


  • Table names must be the same in Lightspeed Tables and OpenTable Floorplan
  • A separate device must be used to run Lightspeed and OpenTable


Enabling the OpenTable Integration

The OpenTable integration with Lightspeed POS also needs to be enabled from the OpenTable Guest Centre and Back Office.


Enable in Lightspeed

  1. From the Integrations Page in Back Office, find the OpenTable integration
  2. Select Enable
    Your OpenTable Status will be pending until you enable it in the OpenTable guest centre


Enable in OpenTable

  1. Login to your OpenTable Guest Centre

  2. Open the menu in the top left corner and select Integrations
  3. Select Lightspeed Point of sale
  4. Select Sign in to Lightspeed
  5. If you have multiple Sites in Lightspeed, make sure you choose the correct site to be integrated with OpenTable

Note: At this step, you'll need to ensure the site name and site address in OpenTable is identical to the site name and site address in Lightspeed. This guide will show you how to edit your Lightspeed site information. 

Managing reservations and orders

Auto order creation is enabled by default, meaning a table will automatically be created on the POS whenever a reservation is seated in OpenTable. The steps below assume that auto order creation is enabled. For information on how orders sync to OpenTable when auto order creation is disabled, see here.

Starting Orders in OpenTable

  1. Open a reservation and leave notes to help staff in service
  2. When ready, seat a reservation or walk-in at a table in OpenTable
  3. The corresponding table will be opened on the POS
  4. The guest name and their notes, as well as staff notes, can be found in the Order Notes on POS
  5. Sent items on POS will be tracked from OpenTable 

    To see the order details in OpenTable, open the reservation and select the amount in the top right corner next to the mobile number (only available in the iPad App).

  6. The table will move to the Paid status after the payment is collected on the POS
  7. Select the Finished status to make the table available for the next booking

Starting Orders in Lightspeed POS

  1. Open a new order on a Table from the POS
  2. Select the number of guests
  3. Place and send items as usual
  4. Find the corresponding booking and place on the same table in OpenTable


    Orders with matching criteria for the number of guests and
    booking time will automatically merge


    Note: If an order does not merge, you will need to do so manually from the Orders screen. Be sure to merge into the OpenTable order, which can be identified with the logo.


Auto Order Creation

Sometimes automatically creating orders on the POS when a reservation is seated on OpenTable is problematic. 

For example, if your business uses an online ordering integration that provides an order-at-table solution, such as QR Codes on your physical tables from which customers can order and pay. 

In this situation, it’s advisable to disable the auto order creation toggle, as tables created via OpenTable will remain open if a customer elects to order via a QR code rather than through their waiter. 

With auto order creation disabled, you still seat reservations in OpenTable, but you’ll need to manually open an order on the corresponding POS table for data to sync across.


Guest and Staff Notes

By default, requests and notes left by guests when they make a booking, along with notes made by staff, are passed through to the POS and are visible in the Order Notes.

If you wish to disable OpenTable notes from syncing to the POS, head to the OpenTable integration page and disable the Sync notes from OpenTable to Lightspeed toggle. Screenshot_2023-03-21_at_5.28.13_pm.png
If you choose to keep note syncing enabled, we recommend that staff remove these notes on the POS before sending orders to production, as the notes may confuse the kitchen or bar.



How do orders sync between Lightspeed and OpenTable

Moving Tables

Sometimes guests like to move tables and perhaps have some more friends join them. When you move a reservation to another table or update the number of guests in OpenTable, updates will be synced automatically with your POS.


However, if you move tables on the POS first, you will need to update OpenTable to match manually. We recommend that staff consult the host before moving guests to another table, as the host will have full visibility of all bookings in OpenTable, while the staff using the POS will only be able to see reservations and orders in progress.


When using Courses

In OpenTable, there are three course statuses, Starter (1), Main Course (2) and Dessert (3). However, in Lightspeed POS, you can create as many courses as you want in addition to the Now course.

To keep the OpenTable status in sync with order progress in Lightspeed, we have aligned the courses between the two like this.

Once items are called on POS for a specific course, the corresponding status in OpenTable will be updated. Allowing staff to see which tables are soon to be free and which could benefit from more attention or need to be notified that another booking is expected. 


When not using Courses

If you are not using courses, bookings in OpenTable will stay in the Seated status until the order has been paid and closed in Lightspeed POS. Then the booking will be updated to Paid.



Frequently Asked Questions 

What happens if I don't have a profile in Lightspeed POS for a Customer?

A profile will be created for guests in Lightspeed automatically. The customer profile will be created in Lightspeed when the customer makes their reservation.


What if someone doesn't show up for their reservation?

OpenTable allows you to collect credit card details and charge customers who do not show up for their reservations.

For more info, please see this OpenTable guide:
Manage your own Cancellations and No-shows


What other reservation platforms does Lightspeed integrate with?
We also have integrations with Now Book It and SevenRooms.




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