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Advanced Lightspeed Delivery Menu settings

Customise your menu for flawless workflows with Lightspeed Delivery advanced menu settings. In order to implement your changes,  ensure that you Publish Menus to your delivery platforms.


*Deliveroo Australia has entered administration and therefore is no longer supported by Lightspeed Delivery. (18/10/2022)

What’s In This Guide

Setting allergens and/or alcohol using tags | 5 minutes
Adding product images | 10 minutes

Reordering modifier groups | 5 minutes

Setting Min/Max choices for a modifier group | 5 minutes
Setting default modifiers | 5 minutes
Disabling modifier groups | 1 minute
Order Notes template 


Before you begin

Before you start this process, please make sure you have access to the following:

  • A Lightspeed POS and Lightspeed Delivery plan
  • An account with Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Menulog or DoorDash
  • A completed Lightspeed Delivery menu



Setting allergens and/or alcohol using tags

Product Tags are additional information relevant to your products that may not necessarily be mentioned in the product name or description. This is most frequently used for highlighting allergens or alcohol.

Although adding the product allergens is not mandatory for Lightspeed Delivery, delivery channels have policies for selling alcohol, and they use tags to trigger the age, identification, and sobriety flow.

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Delivering alcohol with Deliveroo
Alcohol Deliveries on the Menulog network

How to use tags:

  1. Go to Products, you can use the filters to narrow your search, such as filter by Product or by Modifier
  2. Select the item you want to edit
  3. Hit the pencil icon in the top right, this opens the Edit Product page. From this page, click the downwards arrow next to Alcohol Settings, Allergens, Tags and Energy Value 
  4. Under allergens, select the allergens from the drop-down menu, or click to tick the Is Alcohol box
  5. Hit Save


Note - Products tags that you have set up in your Back Office do not sync to Lightspeed Delivery.

Adding product images

Important - images are not supported through the API to push to DoorDash. You need to upload images directly through the DoorDash merchant portal after you have connected the channel if you want images on your menu. Find out how to add images to DoorDash with this article: Adding Photos to your DoorDash Menu Items.

To edit a product image in Lightspeed Delivery:

  1. Go to the Menus tab and choose your menu
  2. Click Manage Menu Items and find the product you want to add an image to 
  3. In the Image box, select the pencil icon to edit
  4. Upload a new image or choose from previously uploaded images


Bulk upload product images

If you know the size of your images are compatible (see Product resolution specs below), you can efficiently upload your product images in one fell swoop using the Upload A File feature in the Media tab. 

To do that, add all of your product images to a file on your desktop. Set yourself up for success by clearly naming the individual image file names. 

  1. Go to Media tab
  2. Select Upload Images
  3. Choose Upload A File
  4. Find the file from your computer to upload and select all the images
  5. Hit Upload.

Then, using the images you have uploaded, you can select your respective product and follow the steps above to add an image to it. 


Product resolution tips

Not all delivery channels are the same, and therefore they don't work with the same resolution for your product images. 

That's why in Lightspeed Delivery we recommend a standard format that will allow your pictures to look enticing on all delivery channels.

Tips to get the best out of your images:

  • File size limit is 4MB 
  • Always use 1920x1080 as these results rely on that size, any other format may distort the image
  • Always have the core of the image within the 1080x1080 box to ensure that it’s not cut off on any delivery channel
  • Try downloading the images from one of the delivery platforms and upload them in Lightspeed Delivery.*
  • Use 1920x1280 for the Click & Collect site images

Have a look at some examples of how Lightspeed Delivery crops and centres images in this guide: Product Images Resolution on Deliverect

*The Chrome plugin, Download All Images, helps you download all of your images in one click.


Reordering modifier groups

You can swap the order of the modifier groups from the Manage Menu Items view. Please note that this affects just the one product. See the explanation below.

E.g. Let’s say you sell burgers and for each burger you have the following modifier groups attached: Burger Topping and Chips Upgrade. If you want your modifier groups to appear in a different order than what it looks like on your POS, you will need to edit each burger product in Lightspeed Delivery to change the sequence.

  1. Go to the Menus tab and choose your menu
  2. Click Manage Menu Items and find the product you want to edit the order of the modifier groups
  3. In the Edit Product page, click the six dots to the left of the modifier group to drag and drop into the desired order


Reordering modifiers

You can swap the order of the modifiers in a group in the Manage Menu Items view, this affects every product the modifier group is attached to. 

E.g. If you sell coffees and you have attached an Alternative Milks modifier group where the modifiers are Almond, Oat, Soy. If you edit the sequence of the modifiers in your Cappucino to have Soy first, then Soy would appear first for all your other coffees. 

  1. Go to the Menus tab and choose your menu
  2. Click Manage Menu Items and find any product that has the modifier group that you want to change the order of 
  3. Hit Edit Modifier Group, then Sort modifiers. Using the six dots to the right of each modifier, you will be able to drag & drop them into order


Setting Min/Max choices for a modifier group

The Min/Max choices relate to the number of options a customer can select. If you require one choice (e.g. Steak Temperature), you'll need both Min/Max values. You can view your pre-set Min/Max values for your modifier groups in the Edit Product view.

The relationship between the rules you set in the Back Office for the Option Set is synched. So, in Lightspeed Delivery, you can set no fewer than the min and no more than the max of what you have set up in Back Office. 

E.g. In Back Office, you have Min choice = 1, Max choice = 4. This means that the customer can choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 options. In Lightspeed Delivery, you could set the rules as Min choice = 2, Max choice = 3, and it would still work. However, you could not have a Min choice = 0 or Max choice = 5, as those numbers are not within the range of what you have set up in Back Office. 

  1. Go to the Menus tab and choose your menu
  2. Click Manage Menu Items and find any product that has the modifier group that you want to change the min/mix rules for
  3. Hit Edit Modifier Group, fill in the Min and Max fields with your desired rules


MultiMax: This is how a single modifier can be selected multiple times. So let's say you have Cheese as a modifier, and you set your Multi Select Max to 2, this means the customer can select ‘adding Cheese’ twice to the product.

Do note, the MultiMax can’t exceed the Max as it would flout the rule. 

Setting default modifiers

Setting default modifiers works only on UberEats. This feature is not available for DoorDash or Deliveroo.

Default modifiers can be a great workflow if you offer bundles or combos. Default modifier auto-selects the modifier so the customer only has to select the options where they have a choice. We’ve provided an example below.

Pita Pack for 2

  • Choose Pita 1
  • Choose Pita 2
  • Select Large Chips
  • Select Greek Salad
  • Choose Drink 1
  • Choose Drink 2

Six modifier groups are attached to the product. The “Choose” signifies there is a choice, whereas, the chips and salad are mandatory, so they will be pre-selected in order to complete the order.

  1. Choose the product from the Manage Menu Items view
  2. Select Edit Modifier Group next to the modifier group
  3. Switch Default Option ON for each specific modifier you’d like to have set as default, and save changes


You can confirm this by hovering your cursor over the cursor icon, the tooltip will read, This modifier will be selected by default on your online store.


Disabling modifier groups

Disabling modifier groups provides an extra level of flexibility so that you can differentiate your POS and Lightspeed Delivery menus.

You may want to streamline your delivery menu so that customers get to the Place Order button faster. Or, hide POS only option sets from your delivery menu, e.g. an option set called ‘Kitchen Messages’ that contains notes for kitchen staff like Cut in Half, Extra Hot etc.

You can disable modifier groups for an individual product or across your whole menu.

To disable a modifier group for a single product:

  1. Go to the Menus tab and choose your menu
  2. Click Manage Menu Items and find any product that has the modifier group that you want to disable
  3. Hit Disable Modifier Group


Disable Modifier Group Everywhere will affect every product on your menu that has the modifier group attached.

  1. Go to the Menus tab and choose your menu
  2. Click Manage Menu Items and find any product that has the modifier group that you want to disable
  3. Hit Disable Modifier Group Everywhere


Order Notes template

You can customise the information you want to see on a kitchen docket. By default, your Order Notes will come through in this order:

  • Customer Name e.g. Johnny R
  • Order ID e.g. E7D8U1
  • Delivery channel name e.g. UberEats 
  • Order time e.g 15:39
  • Pick up time e.g. 14.19
  • Delivery address e.g. 123 Fakenham Street, NSW, Aus, 2000
  • Order type e.g  Delivery

If you’d prefer a different structure to the order notes, please reach out to your Account Manager to let them know. They will be able to advise you on what is and isn’t possible. 

Note - customer data will not sync to Lightspeed database as delivery channels own the customer data and have policies in place that prevent them from sharing it with a third party. 



What’s next?


With the ability to now fine-tune your delivery system, you can start looking at other revenue streams. Have you considered online ordering via QR code or via your website? Lightspeed ordering offers commission-free delivery, on-demand.


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