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Managing busy times with Lightspeed Delivery

Busy times are great for business, but it also means that your servers and kitchen staff are likely to be slammed.

Lightspeed Delivery can help keep your customers and staff happy by optimising your operational processes to ensure everything runs like clockwork. In this guide, you’ll learn how to snooze products and remove out of stock items for fewer cancelled orders or substitutions, and buy your kitchen some breathing time. 


What’s In This Guide

Snoozing Products | 3 minutes

Busy Mode | 1 minute

Adjust Prep times

What's next?

Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin

Before you start this process, please make sure you have access to the following:

  • A Lightspeed POS and Lightspeed Delivery plan
  • Your Uber Eats or DoorDash accounts connected
  • A published Lightspeed Delivery menu


Snoozing Products

Running low on something? Rather than disappointing customers with an out of stock item, Lightspeed Delivery’s Snooze feature, allows you to remove low-stock products from your delivery channels for a specific amount of time so your customer can’t add it to their order during that period- leaving you to control the depletion in-store.

  1. Go to the Snooze Tab and select your Location
  2. Click Select Products to Snooze
  3. Choose the product(s) you’d like to snooze and choose how long to snooze the item for. You can choose per hour, or until a certain date
  4. Once happy, click Submit


Please note, you may need to snooze several items within Lightspeed Delivery if the specific item exists as a Product as well as a Modifier. If the kitchen has run out of cheese, for example, you may need to snooze the cheese sandwich product, the burger topping modifier and the pizza topping modifier.


Update Snoozed products 

You can view your Snoozed Products from this page, change the existing snooze duration, or make the item available again. 

  1. From the Snooze tab, click on the Snoozed Products button. You will see a list of all your snoozed products here, as well as their Start and End times.
  2. To change the snooze duration of an already-snoozed item, select the product and update the Available In option. Click Save Edits.
  3. To Unsnooze, select the products and click the Make Available Now button.


Note - it may take up to fifteen minutes for these items to be available again.

Busy Mode

When you’re experiencing a rush and are struggling to keep up with the orders coming in, you can close your store temporarily. This functionality is called Busy Mode.

Important - you must be signed in as the account owner to successfully enable Busy Mode

  1. Go to your Locations page and click to expand your location
  2. Click on the More button to the right of Opening Hours  
  3. Click on Busy Mode. Enable busy mode for one channel: hit Close Store. Or for all of them: Close All Stores


Deactivating Busy Mode

Stores can be reopened by navigating to this window and clicking on the Open Store/Open All Store button.


Adjust Prep times 

Adjusting your prep time buys your kitchen some much needed time without having to stop accepting orders or removing products. 


1. Hit Online

2. Use the dropdown to select the prep time

3. Hit update


By default, the prep time is set to 10 mins. the minimum you can select is 0 mins and the maximum is 90 minutes. 

What's next?

You can customise your menu for flawless workflows with Lightspeed Delivery advanced menu settings. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I adjust my Prep times from POS?

Yes, you can. 

The following articles explain how each delivery partner manages prep times.

UberEats: How can I adjust my Average Prep Time?

DoorDash: Tablet Suggested Prep Time Feature

Can I adjust Delivery times?

No. These are set by the delivery partners. 

How do I reject orders? 

By default, Deliverect will have connected your channels and configured Auto-Accept to be On - this is what allows you to receive orders on your POS without having to first accept them on the tablet. 

You can choose to turn Auto-Accept Off which will allow you to reject your orders. However, this is not recommended as it will impact your workflow and you will have to manually accept orders on the tablet before they land on POS, where you will also have to accept them.

If you want to have the ability to reject orders by having Auto Accept turned Off, reach out to Deliverect who can assist. Please note, this can take up to 48 hours to action. 

Instead, we recommend taking a proactive approach, where using Snooze Products and Busy Mode will circumvent the need to reject orders. 

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