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Welcome to Lightspeed Ordering

Supercharge your sales and start serving online today with Lightspeed Ordering. Accept QR code table orders, pickups and deliveries in your POS from an online menu.

Lightspeed Ordering (powered by Bopple) is supporting venues of all sizes, from cozy cafes to multi-site restaurants, by increasing their revenue streams and helping merchants meet customers where they are at – on their phones!



Why use Lightspeed Ordering?

Sell more per order

On average, customers who order on Lightspeed Ordering spent an average of 25% more when they placed their orders. When an online menu uses enticing images and drool-worthy descriptions, it makes it so customers can’t not buy more!


Less waiting to order and pay

Why keep dine-in customers waiting to be served when they are ready to order? With Lightspeed Ordering, when a customer is ready to order they can whip out their phones, scan the online ordering QR code and place orders right away. 

Lightspeed Ordering handles payment upfront for orders, so your staff are freed up to meet ‘n greet, and run orders. 


Reach more customers

Serve more customers who are on the go or reach them online. Advertise your menu online (link in bio!) and let customers order from the comfort of their own homes, or place your QR code in the window and turn foot traffic into grab-and-go sales.

Offer delivery (through DoorDash Drive). Now you can manage delivery orders without paying exorbitant third-party fees. 


The Dashboard tab

Get an overview of your store. Your Dashboard gives you quick access to store status, sharing tools, and surfaces new features as they become available.

The Menu tab

Here you can make use of Lightspeed Ordering’s menu configuration, such as creating custom categories and setting limits on product stock availability. The editing of products may look limited, as changes should be made in Lightspeed and then synced across.

The Reports tab

Dig into Payment and Fees, Product Breakdown, Sales, Performance & Discounts and Customer Data reports. 

The Discounts tab

Create discount codes to share with customers. Discounts can be for a fixed value or percentage, and can be restricted in various ways e.g. limiting the number of redemptions!

The Store settings tab

The store settings tab contains everything you need to update your store’s trading hours, billing, integrations, fulfilment options, profile, and branding. 

Launch checklist 

The launch checklist is a guided store setup. Hit the rocket to finalise your store settings and get ready to share with your customers.

View store

A super handy way to go directly to your online store. Great for seeing how the changes you make look on your live menu. 

Orders manager

Lightspeed POS will be your go-to for managing incoming orders. However, you can always double-check any orders here. It has the same functionality as POS - Accept or Reject orders, Dispatch the Delivery, Ready the Pick-up, or Serve to Table, mark Pick-up as collected, or Delivery as delivered


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Lightspeed Ordering is $50 a month. Service fees are as low as 2.8% and there’s the choice to transfer 1.6% of your fees onto customers. Find out more on our website. 

What do I need to get started?

You need a Lightspeed Ordering plan and account. The journey begins in your Back Office. Head over to the Lightspeed Ordering Integration and follow this guide to get you set up: Setting Up Lightspeed Ordering

How long do I have to wait for the customer payments to arrive in my bank account?
Payments are delivered to your bank account within 2 business days.


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