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Setting up customer-friendly names and descriptions

If you have Lightspeed Delivery and/or Lightspeed Ordering, it’s likely you might want to tweak your Online menus so that they are more customer-facing compared to what you have on POS. From Lightspeed Back Office Online Products, you can aim your menu details towards your customers, while keeping a more operational version in your POS. 

Set up customer-friendly names and descriptions

You can edit product, category and option sets’ information, such as the name, description, or the order they appear to make the products, option sets, and categories customer-facing. e.g. your dish might be called “S.T Burger” in POS, but you want “Surf and Turf Burger” to show to customers.

  1. Head over to the Back Office, select ProductsOnline Products and then Modify
  2. You will be able to see and edit your Categories, to edit products within the category, hit the arrow to the right of each category
  3. Enter Customer Friendly Name and/or Description



Once added, you can sync the information will sync over to Lightspeed Ordering, by hitting the Import Menu button from the Lightspeed Ordering Back Office. 


For Lightspeed Delivery, you can sync over the updated information by hitting Sync Products in your Lightspeed Delivery Locations tab. If no friendly name is found, it will default to the normal product name.



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Also, you can learn to keep your Lightspeed Ordering menu polished and up-to-date, Maintaining your Online Menu will walk you through best practices. 

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