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Your dedicated team: who's who & where to go for help

As a Lightspeed customer, you have access to a strong team of Lightspeed experts, who are dedicated to your success. The team will guide and support you by providing their expertise to help you achieve your goals. Lightspeed’s team members are hospitality experts who are focused on delivering value as they work together with you on your Lightspeed journey.  

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Roles and responsibilities

Here’s an introduction to the key players:



Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) Account Executives (AEs)

Available 24/7 by chat, phone or email, our in-house Support team is available to guide you to trouble-shoot if something is wrong, or even if you simply can’t find the answer to a question you have. Our systems are designed to prioritise trade-critical issues, the more detail you can provide in the form of screenshots, specific times or orders affected, and anything you might have tried already to fix it, the faster we’ll be able to help you. As the industry we serve is dynamic, we sometimes experience longer wait times than we’d like and appreciate your patience in working with our team.

Your first interaction with Lightspeed will set the tone for the rest of your experience - making you feel warm, welcome, and that you’re in exactly the right place, surrounded by people who understand your needs. Before you decide on Lightspeed, one of our Account Executives will consult with you to identify your needs, problems and the opportunities Lightspeed can help with. They'll also formulate a plan for the perfect setup to get you up and running, and make the process of signing up as seamless as possible.
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Account Managers (AMs)

Onboarding Specialists (OSs)

Specialist Partners

Like your business, Lightspeed is constantly growing. Your Account Manager is dedicated to keeping you in the loop as our technology evolves, so you’re kept abreast of the latest innovations that could benefit your business. And, as your needs change they’ll collaborate with you on a plan to continue to get the most out of Lightspeed.

(Optional paid service) Your Onboarding Specialist will take what seems like a daunting task standing between you and your return on investment and make it feel effortless. 

(Optional paid service) For local onsite hardware, network, support, training or consultation services some customers contract a local third party. Lightspeed does not currently provide on-site services in APAC


Billing (Finance)

Hardware Orders

Integration Partners

Questions about your invoice or payment? Email during business hours to 

We have a team dedicated to managing the fulfilment of hardware orders - if you’ve paid for hardware and it’s not going according to plan, you can contact them at and quote your invoice number. Please note we can’t assist with tracking deliveries once they’re shipped - at this point you’ll be provided with a tracking number and who to contact about it


(Optional paid service) Many innovative companies from around the world have integrations to Lightspeed, and if you’re using one (or more) of these it can often be critical to the success of the overall solution. We will use reasonable efforts to answer any integration related questions, however we may need to refer you to our Partners support channel for integration specific questions related to the Partner’s platform. If in doubt about where the problem lies, email both Support teams for the best bet of a clear quick answer.

Keen to unlock levels of service you see here? Reach out to your Account Manager, they can provide you with pricing and packages to suit your support needs.


Who do I contact?

These examples will help illustrate how you can go directly to the team that can best answer your questions.

What do you need help with?

Who should you ask?

Why are they the best person to answer your question?

You want to be provided with a quote and breakdown of Lightspeed


SDRs’ job is to find the best consultant to suit you and provide you with the best quote possible by understanding your business requirements/needs, ensuring they pass on all the correct information to the consultant

You want to get started with a new store


AEs will walk you through our subscriptions and feature offerings

You’re interested in the New Year Payments Bundle deal 


Your AM can present the offer and get you signed up

You have a question about your LS payment settlement. “Am I going to receive a monthly settlement report and when am I going to receive it?”

Help Centre

You can find the answer to product-related questions in our support centre. The information is ready and available. 

You want to improve your average transaction value


Anything that falls under the strategy umbrella, such as increasing ATVs or improving staff efficiencies, your AM is there to advise you.

You are experiencing issues and are considering closing your account 


Get in contact with your AM, they are dedicated to helping you find a resolution 

You are requesting help to add a breakfast menu, you do not have the resources to be guided and would like us to do this on your behalf at cost


You can purchase off-the-shelf services, such as a Menu Build service from our website. Once you have made the purchase, your AM will coordinate the service. 

You have yet to receive hardware you bought from us

This question can be directed straight to the dedicated hardware team.

You’re looking to understand charges on your invoice

This question can be directed straight to the dedicated billing team.

You want to know pricing for integrating UberEats and Deliveroo with your POS

Help Centre

This information can be found online through our Support Centre Guides or in this case, on our website

Your POS has gone offline and you’re not able to fix it

Help Centre

Our Support team can investigate and diagnose technical issues with hardware, software and IT. 


Questions come in all shapes and sizes and the above list is limited. If you are unsure where to direct your questions, you can reach out to the Support team. All Lightspeed customers have access to our 24/7 support team. 

Reach Support

Hit the Message button on the bottom right to open a Support chat. 

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