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Invoice & billing FAQs


Looking to understand charges on your invoice? Check out these FAQs below, if you still have questions, email 


Can I change the email Lightspeed invoices get sent to?

All invoices are automatically sent to the Site Owner of your site but if you're looking to give another user visibility of billing notifications, enabling the 'Receive Billing Alerts' switch in the user permissions page will allow a user to receive billing alerts via email with the related invoice attached. Note that the 'Receive billing alerts' permission will not allow users to view invoices via Back Office, they will only be able to see invoices that are sent via email. 

Can I change or cancel my Lightspeed subscription?

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your account if you find another plan suitable for your needs. The Manage Lightspeed Subscription - Upgrade / Downgrade / Pause / Delete Site guide walks you through how you can change your subscription.


How do I update my billing payment method?

If you are the Site Owner, you can easily update your payment method, follow the steps in the Update your Billing Payment information guide. Only Site Owners can change the payment method linked to a subscription. 


I am on an Essentials plan, why does my invoice say that I am being charged $60? 

The Sell POS Plan is $60 in value. For Essentials customers, coupons have been applied to your account which deducts $60 each month from the cost of the plan. On your invoice, you will see that with the deductions, the amount owed for POS is $0.


How can I check that coupons have been applied to my plan?

Go to your Invoices tab from Back Office and select an invoice to expand the details. On the invoice, you will see a line item for any coupons that have been applied. 




Can I get a refund for my subscription?

Reach out to to request a refund, you must provide the reason, detail and any supporting evidence. Refunds are managed on a case-by-case basis. 

Can I transfer my site to someone else?

Yes. If you are planning on selling your business to a new owner, or are buying an existing business, you can transfer the ownership of a site. Find out how by following our  Transferring Ownership of a Site guide. 

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