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Why are my Lightspeed Delivery Orders failing?

Why am I getting Failed Orders? You might be asking yourself this after seeing a slew of delivery orders come through Lightspeed Delivery. 

Delivery orders that pass through Lightspeed Delivery (powered by Deliverect) can fail for a number of reasons, ranging in levels of complexity. This guide will cover common reasons orders fail and methods to resolve them. Your first step is to find out why the order failed.


What's In This Guide?

Find out why the order failed

First, let’s investigate why the order may have failed. You can do this from the Lightspeed Delivery portal. 

  1. Open Lightspeed Delivery.
  2. Go to Orders.
  3. Check for any Failed orders. Use the Order Status to filter the results. Filter_Failed_orders.png
  4. Click on the failed order, an overview will be revealed.
  5. Inside the red box, you can see an error code.   Order_error_code.png

Error: Invalid PLU

PLU is a unique code used to communicate a product or modifier. You will see the designated PLU in the Failed Order error code or next to the product (or where the product or modifier name normally should be). When compared to the Product ID in Back Office, you’ll see they are different. 


Invalid PLU means that for a product in the delivery channel - its corresponding product in Back Office cannot be found. 

Sync products and publish menus

  1. Go to the Locations tab, under the location hit Sync products
  2. Wait for the progress bar to complete
  3. Go to the Menus tab and hit Publish to republish your menu to the delivery channel.

How to prevent future orders from failing with Invalid PLU

If you want to add new products or delete products that you do not sell, first make these changes in Back Office. Then, sync products and republish. Do this every time there is a change to your product list to keep your delivery menu up-to-date. 

This infographic shows you what information syncs through from each platform.


Error: Invalid Product: Discount PLU

When a discount is set up on a delivery platform, e.g. an UberEats promotion, the discount will apply to your customer's order. This balance will need to be reflected in the delivery order, and subsequently, in POS. This is done by using a Discount product. 


How to prevent future orders failing with Invalid Product: Discount PLU

Reach out to the team at Deliverect, who will be able to help you add a discount product and configure it to your channels. 

Note - If you would like to be able to track discounts given per delivery channel, please advise Deliverect. Otherwise, they will create a generic “delivery discount”.

Error: Invalid API response: Due to popular demand we are not taking online orders.

This occurs if Online Ordering has been disabled in the POS.

Update online ordering settings

  1. During opening hours, open the POS
  2. On the top right of the POS, click the Online button next to the shopping bag
  3. Ensure that All Online Orders and Deliverect are NOT selected.


Note - by checking the boxes, you are temporarily disabling online ordering, your online ordering settings will return to their usual status at 3am. 

Error: Pass-thru printing is not enabled

Pass-thru printing (PTP) has to be enabled on both platforms, Back Office and Lightspeed Delivery. 


  1. Go to Features from the Back Office
  2. Find Pass-Thru Printing and hit Enable

How to prevent future orders failing when Pass-thru printing is not enabled

Simply, do not disable the pass-thru printing feature. If you want to turn off PTP altogether, please reach out to Deliverect.


Error: Modifier Group for modifier not found

This means that the min/max/required rules for an Option Set in Lightspeed Delivery do not match the rules set up in Back Office. In Lightspeed Delivery, you can set no fewer than the min and no more than the max of what you have set up in Back Office. 

E.g. In Back Office, you have Min choice = 1, Max choice = 4. This means that the customer can choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 options. In Lightspeed Delivery, you could set the rules as Min choice = 2, Max choice = 3, and it would still work. However, you could not have a Min choice = 0 or Max choice = 5, as those numbers are not within the range of what you have set up in Back Office.

You can diagnose this issue by comparing the Product PLU Lightspeed Delivery and Product ID Back Office.




  1. Go to Menus tab in Lightspeed Delivery
  2. Review the Min and Max (see Setting Min/Max choices for a modifier group)
  3. Go to Products in Back Office
  4. Select Option Sets and find the option set
  5. Choose rules and correct the Min and Max values
  6. Sync products and re-publish menus

Frequently Asked Questions


 What is Maximum retry limit reached, order failed

If the Pass-Thru register is offline, we will retry to send the order three times. If the last time fails, we will send the order through without Pass-Thru Printing enabled to ensure you don’t miss any orders.


Why is my order not printing, even though I have PTP set up? Why do I have to manually accept orders?

Due to the maximum retry limit reached workflow (see above), if the pass-thru register is offline, the order will be sent through without pass-thru printing enabled. This will mean you have to manually accept the order once the pass-thru register is back online. 

Your register can go offline if the wifi drops or if someone closes the Lightspeed app. To prevent your pass-thru register going offline because staff have closed the app, we recommend you set up guided access on your pass-thru register. 

Guided Access helps temporarily restricts iPad to a single app, allowing you to control which app features are available. Apple’s Use Guided Access on iPad guide.


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