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Why did my Lightspeed Delivery menu push fail?

Menu pushes in Deliverect (formerly known as Lightspeed Delivery) can fail for a number of reasons, ranging in levels of complexity. This guide will cover common reasons menu pushes and methods to resolve them. Your first step is to find out why the menu push failed.

What’s in this guide

Find out why the menu push failed

First, let’s investigate why publishing menus may have failed. You can do this from the Lightspeed Delivery portal. 

  1. Open Operation Reports in Lightspeed Delivery
  2. Check for Operation type: Menu Push, Status: Failed
  3. Click on the failed menu push, an overview will be revealed and you will see an error code.


Error: Price must be greater than 0

Menulog doesn't accept negative pricing, which is most commonly found in modifiers. Instead, change these modifiers to $0. 

If you would like to offer negative pricing across other delivery channels, you can use Lightspeed Delivery’s Fine-tuning feature, learn about fine-tuning your menu here.

Update prices

  1. Click Menus from the navigation sidebar
  2. Select the menu you want to modify
  3. Click on Manage Menu Items
  4. Click the 3 dots next to the Product you want to modify
  5. Update the price

Handy Tip - For larger product lists, go to Back Office, export the modifiers as a CSV. Note any negative prices, then search for the PLU in the Products tab to change the price.

Error: Too many requests 

The limit has been reached for how many requests the API can handle, fortunately, it’s only temporary. 

  1. Wait a minute and retry to publish your menu again. 

Error: Brand ID missing in ChannelLink

This can happen if the delivery partner has not yet completed the staging of the channel. If you have confirmation from Deliverect that staging has been completed, then it is likely to be completed shortly. 

We recommend waiting 24 hours and retrying. If it is not resolved please reach out to Deliverect to escalate this with the delivery partner

What’s next?

After successfully publishing your menu, you will start receiving delivery orders directly to your POS.  


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