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iOS - Websockets Issues

We're still investigating at a deeper level, however we have seen some reports of iOS users of Lightspeed not having online orders arrive promptly in their POS device which seems to be resolved by manually pressing the Sync button.

If you are experiencing this please try the following steps on all your iPads (and other iOS devices where the app is used.)

(If you are seeing this issue on Android or Chrome, please contact - but we are not aware of this issue impacting non iOS systems)

Step 1: Go to Settings


Step 2: Scroll down to 'Point of Sale' then turn on 'Enable websocket refresh upon returning to App'


That should be all you need - just go back to POS after enabling this switch.




To disable this system:

Go back to settings and disable this switch:



Then go back to POS, press the Menu icon and press Sync



You may need to run a Sync again in 5 minutes to completely force over the older style Websocket refresh function.



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