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Welcome to Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty (powered by Marsello)

Your marketing tools - email, SMS, loyalty, rewards and reviews - in one place.

Market the crackers out of your business and nurture your base of raving fans today with Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty.

Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty (powered by Marsello) supports savvy and driven businesses with digital tools that drive awareness to your venue and grow your customer base.

For Help & Support guides for setting up Lightspeed Loyalty, head over to Marsello’s comprehensive knowledge base.


What's in this guide?

Why use Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty?


Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty?

Many tools, one platform 

With Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty marketing platform, you can:

  • Send email or SMS campaigns to customers
  • Create set-and-forget marketing automations 
  • Set up loyalty, reward and membership programs
  • Capture feedback and generate Google reviews 
  • Offer loyalty points in-store and online
  • Build a customer database

Encourage repeat visits with rewards

With Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty, it’s easy to set up a loyalty and rewards program with no apps or websites required. 

  • Easy to get started with QR code sign up 
  • Customers can automatically receive and redeem points 
  • Offer dollars, discounts or products as rewards
  • Reward loyalty points for purchases, social actions or referrals 
  • Elevate your best customers with membership tiers and offers 
  • Offer points for purchases in-store or online 
  • Send points balances and reminders via email or SMS with no app or website required 

Set up marketing campaigns in a few clicks

Our marketing platform allows you to create email, SMS or automated campaigns with no experience required. 

  • Build professional, personalised emails in minutes
  • Choose from templates or customise yourself 
  • Easily target the right customers at the right time 
  • See your results and take action
  • Never forget an important moment with automated birthday messages and more  

Make informed decisions with data

Pair your customer data with your product and sales data to get even more insight into your business. 

  • Understand more about your regulars with a customer database and sales history 
  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and loyalty program 
  • Determine your best customer groups 


The Home tab

Your command centre. See a high-level overview of what’s cooking on the clean and well-designed dashboard.



Drill down to see the impact of your marketing over time. Track the performance of your marketing efforts and understand the revenue generated from your marketing - including an overview of how each feature is performing.



See your customer database, their Points Balance, Points Collected, Total Orders, Total Spent and Last Seen. Create and manage targeted views of your customers.



Here you can create rewards designed to motivate your customers to shop. From store-wide discounts and spend thresholds to free products and offers on product collections. Make a loyalty widget, VIP program, and more.



Under the Feedback tab, you can measure customer satisfaction. See real-time customer feedback, privately, away from social media, and act on it fast. The feedback survey will be sent on the Earned Points Email.



Send one-off campaigns to your entire database or a certain customer segment. Start with powerful and personalised automated email flows with best-practice templates that drive sales or create your own.



Connect your Point-of-Sale and eCommerce sites that you want to sync data from and run your loyalty marketing through.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does Lightspeed Loyalty & Marketing cost? 

Lightspeed Loyalty & Marketing is $80 AUD, for one site per month, additional sites are $50 each. There are no lock-in contracts. 


How do I get started with Lightspeed Loyalty & Marketing?

For walk-through guides, head to the Marsello x Lightspeed help centre. 


Where can I find how to get Lightspeed Loyalty & Marketing set up?

For Help & Support guides for setting up Lightspeed Loyalty, head over to Marsello’s comprehensive knowledge base.


Do my customers have to download an app or head to a website to redeem their loyalty points? 

No. Lightspeed Loyalty & Marketing is frictionless and meets your customers where they are already at. 


Can my customers redeem their points across online stores as well as a brick-and-mortar store?

Yes. You can offer loyalty in-store and in Lightspeed Ordering and Shopify.


Can I use a scanner to scan my customer's Marsello QR code?

We recommend just using the iPad screen to type the customer's name. However any barcode scanner than can convert QR codes into "HID Text" would in theory work. Select search Customer, select Marsello, then use your scanner.

The Element P303BT scanner as an example has been used by some of our customers with success.
Note that it will need to be paired in "Keyboard" mode to work with Lightspeed O-Series.

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