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Refreshed look for Printers in Back Office and feature release, Print By Order Type

As of June 2022, changes are coming to the way you set up and adjust your printer settings in Back Office. Lightspeed is improving the layout of the Printers section in Back Office to offer our community more features and make it easier for you to manage your printer setup. Yes, it will look different but it will mean more flexibility to the way you print.

If you’ve used our Printer pages before, you’ll know that switching between tabs to find site-specific and register-specific printing takes more than a few clicks. From June, when you go to My Site > Printers, this will be the centralised place for all your printer configuration needs. 


What’s changing

Register-specific printing is moving

We’ve rebuilt and redesigned where register-specific printing lives (also known as Advanced Printing settings). Soon, you can map each register’s printing options on the same page as you set up your site printing, giving you a better bird’s eye view of how everything is connected.

  1. Go to My Site > Registers
  2. Scroll down to Register Printing Settings
  3. Adjust the Register Name, Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, and Production Printing Settings with a click of the Settings cogwheel.


New feature: Print By Order Type

As well as product-specific printing (production printing) and register-specific printing, Lightspeed is releasing Print By Order Type to give you full control to run your venue.

Print by order type is for businesses that deal with different types of orders, dine-in, pick-up, takeaway, drive-thru, etc, and want to send their docket printing to specific printers to streamline the food preparation.

When we release the feature we will publish the Setting up Print By Order Type support guide. It will walk you through what you need to do to set up the feature and the options to customise this feature to your workflows. Here's a sneak peek of how it will look:


What’s next?

Print By Oder Types feature release, and support guide is here! As well as the changes to where register-specific printing lives in Back Office. 

If you have questions about these changes, please contact your Account Manager. If you do not know who they are, reach out to Support who will be able to put you in contact. 

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