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Integration - SevenRooms

SevenRooms is a guest experience and retention platform that helps hospitality operators create exceptional experiences that boost profitability and repeat business.

SevenRooms lets you take reservations and create marketing campaigns that increase repeat business by leveraging POS data. Enhance your guest satisfaction with a personalised end-to-end experience. 

This guide covers how you can integrate SevenRooms with Lightspeed Restaurant POS (O-Series).

Note -The integration does not support Lightspeed’s Courses feature.


What’s in this guide

Before you begin

Create a reservation | 1 minute

Seat, serve, and checkout the Customer | 5 minutes

What’s next?

Frequently asked questions

Before you begin

You’ll need:

  • A Lightspeed POS plan
  • A subscription and account with SevenRooms
  • Tables feature enabled
  • The SevenRooms app downloaded to a device

Enable the SevenRooms integration

  1. From Back Office, go to Integrations
  2. Search for SevenRooms
  3. Hit Enable


Create a reservation

Check out SevenRooms support guide to creating reservations, Adding and Editing Reservations on Web (Dining).

Your Lightspeed Customer data syncs to SevenRooms, allowing you to assign existing customers to new reservations. 

Seat, serve, and checkout the Customer

Once you seat a customer on the SevenRooms app, you will receive an order notification on Lightspeed POS. The notification will make a noise, and your Orders button will flash.

  1. From POS, go to Orders
  2. The order card will show the customer’s name and the table. Select the order. 
  3. Hit Accept to confirm


You can double-check the booking has been linked to the table on POS in SevenRooms, by scrolling to the Link, clicking for more detail and viewing the table number. 



4. From POS, enter the customer’s order

5. Hit Send to create an open order, or Checkout to close the order

When you open SevenRooms, you can see the items the customer ordered under Items Ordered. Note: this can take a few moments to sync. 

Once you checkout the order on POS, the status on SevenRooms will go from Seated to Paid.


What’s next?

If you're keen on collecting important information about how many guests are visiting your store then see what their average spend is, learn more about Setting up Guest Tracking.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I go if I need help?

For SevenRooms support articles, head directly to their Help Centre. Alternatively, you can call their Support team directly on: +61 480 004 140

What information is sent between the SevenRooms and Lightspeed?

SevenRooms sends customer information to Lightspeed, and pulls sales information from Lightspeed. 

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