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How to print the bill

Waiter, bring me my cheque, please! is a common request in table-service venues. When customers ask for the cheque, you can print the Subtotal and bring it to their table. 

Subtotals are not receipts - they simply show how much is due. What sets Subtotals apart is that they do not have a line indicating the payment method and amount paid.


Print bill from Tables view

Restaurants and venues that use Lightspeed’s Tables feature can easily see which order belongs to which table. 

  1. From POS, go to Tables
  2. Select the Table
  3. Hit the Settings wheel next to Checkout
  4. Select Subtotal


Print bill from Orders view

You can also access all open orders by heading to Orders, and print the bill from there.

  1. From POS, go to Order
  2. Select the Order
  3. Hit the Settings wheel next to Checkout
  4. Select Subtotal


What’s next?

Now the customer is ready to pay, see how you can checkout the order from our How to make a sale with Lightspeed POS guide. 


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