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Setting up Pay@Table for Lightspeed Payments

Using Pay@Table with Lightspeed Payments lets servers checkout customers from their table, without having to walk back and forth to POS. Servers can hop from table to table closing bills, and initiating and finalising transactions.

The customer can split the bill, add tips and check out all from the EFTPOS machine. 

Note - Pay@Table is currently only compatible with the Verifone v400m (No longer sold) and Smart Terminal with Printer (Formerly known as S1F2).

What's in this guide?

Before you begin 

Request to enable Pay@Table | 2-3 days

Update devices | 5 minutes

Find your reference number | 1 minute

Check out with Pay@Table | 2 minutes

Refund a Pay@Table transaction 

What’s next?

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you begin

You’ll need:

  • A Lightspeed Payments Verifone v400m (No longer sold) or a Smart Terminal with Printer (Formerly known as S1F2) loaded with thermal paper
  • Tables feature enabled and orders assigned to tables
  • Confirmation from the Lightspeed Payments Support team that Pay@Table has been enabled
  • Lightspeed Restaurant POS (O-Series) app iOS version 3.8 or above

Request to enable Pay@Table

To use Pay@Table, you must first submit a request to Lightspeed Payments Support to have Pay@Table enabled. 

  1. Contact Support via chat
  2. Request “Enable Pay@Table" and provide your Site IDs

A request to enable Pay@Table will be sent to our Payment Operations team to action.  This can take between 2-3 business days to be completed. 

You will receive an email from an address when your terminal has been activated for Pay@Table.

This needs to be done per site. If you are a multi-site venue, please provide Lightspeed Support with the Site IDs for the sites you would like to have Pay@Table enabled.


Update devices

Once Pay@Table has been enabled, you should sync your POS and update your Payments terminals. 

To update the Payments terminal:





Smart Terminal with Printer (Formerly known as S1F2)
  1. Press the Settings button
  2. Press Configuration
  3. Enter your Admin Pin (5773 by default)
  4. If a Configuration Update is available, you will see a blue Update button.



e285p, p400 and v400
  1. Select 1 and then the Confirm key to go to your terminal menu (For the E280 model, to get to the terminal menu, select the small square, bottom right Select Admin).
  2. Choose Config and then Update

This will restart your terminal. Once it has restarted, surcharging will be enabled.

*Your terminals will automatically update each night. However, to start surcharging immediately, follow the steps above. 

This will restart your terminal. Once it has restarted, Pay@Table will be enabled.


Find your reference number

You will need to enter your reference number to initiate Pay@Table

  1. Go to POS
  2. Select ‘?’ to open the Help & Support menu
  3. Select Show my Staff Reference
  4. A green banner will appear with the reference number

Each staff member will have their own unique reference number.


Check out with Pay@Table

Once you have received confirmation that Pay@Table has been activated, you can now checkout orders using Pay@Table. 

After you have entered an order and assigned it to a table, follow the steps below to checkout.

Note: One POS must be active (i.e Lightspeed O-Series app must be open). Otherwise, you will not be able to initiate Pay@Table from the terminal.


On the v400m (No longer sold) just press the Circle button on the Payments terminal
On the Smart Terminal with Printer (Formerly known as S1F2), press the Pay@Table button on the screen.

v400.png PXL_20230711_233834917.jpg


Enter your reference number into the Payments terminal

Press Confirm on the screen. You will be taken to the Select Table screen which shows a list of all open tables.

Tap the table number to select 


Choose to split the bill Equally or Unequally.  


Unequally: if the customer wants to split the bill into uneven split amounts e.g. $30 + $10. If they have split the bill unequally the guest will enter the amount they want to split. 


Equally: if the customer wants to pay in FULL, or split the bill into even amounts. E.g. $20 + $20. If they have split equally the guest will choose by how many people to split the bill by.

So, if a guest wants to pay in full, enter "1"


Customers can check the amount and confirm.
Then, they can choose to add a tip on the terminal. 


If you have split the bill, after each guest pays, the terminal will return to a screen showing the remaining amount so the next guest can pay their portion. 



When the table has made the payment, a message will be sent to POS “$$ by card approved”.

If there are multiple orders on a table, this could be due to a group order or a split order, then the orders and their amounts against the table will show on the terminal and you can select which to pay. 

Refund a Pay@Table transaction

You can refund a Pay@Table transaction the same way you would any other payment. Our guide on Refunding a sale on POS will show you how. And, no, you do not need the card to be present to refund the payment. 


What’s next?

Lightspeed is currently working on Pay@Table’s testing the compatibility with the e285 terminals. Additionally, Lightspeed will be introducing more payment terminals compatible with Pay@Table to the fleet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can customers split the bill by product?

No. However, customers can choose to split the bill unequally based on a dollar amount.

Can Pay@Table be processed while offline?

No, you must have an internet connection to process Pay@Table payments. 


Can individuals from a group Pay@Table pay their share now, while some pay later?

Yes, customers can choose to Pay Later. Pay later allows customers to hold off the remaining payment til later. 

Can I limit which staff can use Pay@Table?

Not right now. We plan to add this as customisable user permission soon. 

How does surcharging work with Pay@Table? 

The surcharging amount will be added to the order total on the terminal but it will not be shown on POS.


Do I need to switch between integrated payments and Pay@Table? 

Unlike Tyro’s Pay@Table feature, Lightspeed Payments allows you to take both integrated payments and Pay@Table payments on the same terminal.


If the customer splits the bill, will the total update on the POS?

If the POS is still logged in, and the receipt panel for the table is open then the amount owing will be decreased by what is paid, but will not show any tip added on the Payments terminal.

Why does the POS say “Incorrect Staff Reference when using Pay@Table on Lightspeed terminal”?

The first step for Pay@Table payments on the terminal is to enter your Staff reference.  When you enter your reference number, it sends a request back to POS to validate the reference.

If you enter an incorrect reference number, the request gets denied and the Pay@Table workflow will terminate. 

Do I need to be logged in for the entire Pay@Table transaction?

No. However, at least one POS register must be active. 


Will the Payments terminal print a customer receipt for Pay@Table?

The payments terminal will not print a receipt. However, you can go to previous sales and print the customer receipt from the POS. 


Can I use Lightspeed Payments Pay@table if my tables have letters in the table names, e.g. B1, B2, B3, B4?

Yes. You can use Pay@table if you have tables with letters in their name.

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