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Setting up Print By Order Type

It’s increasingly common to offer multiple order types, e.g dine-in, takeaway, pickup, delivery, catering, and drive-thru, but you wouldn’t want to serve a takeaway item on a plate, likewise, there’s no need to put dine-in orders in a takeout box. So, if you have multiple production sections in your venue, being able to send orders based on their order type directly to the relevant printer is crucial.  

Whether it’s printing labels for takeaway orders only, or packing up quick bites at the bar, Lightspeed Restaurant POS (O-Series) Print By Order Type feature lets you streamline your production to service these requests with ease. 



What’s in this guide?

Before you begin

You’ll need:

  • Your printers set up with paper loaded
  • Order Types feature enabled

Enable and select Order Types

If you are already using the Order Types feature and have configured its settings, e.g. order types, prep-time, and default register, you can skip this step. Otherwise, you need to enable and set up the feature by following the instructions below.

  1. From Back Office, go to Features > Order Types
  2. Click Enable
  3. Select Settings
  4. Use the checkboxes to select the Order Types that apply to your site.

When you set up Print By Order Type, you will only be able to choose from the order types you have selected in step 4

To learn more about Order Type settings, head to our Setting up Order Types guide. 


Assign order types to a printer or bump screen

You’re ready to start assigning order types to your different production areas - takeaway sammies to be packed at the bar, and dine-in orders to be sent to the kitchen. 

  1. From Back Office, go to My Site > Printers
  2. Under Production Printing, select Printer/Item SpecificProduction_Printings_settings.png
  3. Click Save Settings
  4. Scroll to find the printer or bump screen
  5. Select the settings cog wheel next to the printer. You will be taken to the Printer details pageSet_up_print_by_order_type.png
  6. Under Assign order types, all the Order types enabled will be selected by default. Click to select or deselect the order types you want to print to this printer.Assign_order_types_to_printer.png

Side note: Register Printers settings are now available from the My Site > Printers page, making it easier for you to see your production set up at a glance.  


What’s next?

Not yet using label printing but keen to get started? Check out our article on Setting up Single Product Printing

Frequently asked questions

I don’t yet offer all of the order types, but I plan on expanding. Can I add different order types and set up Print By Order Type at a later date? 

Once you change the order types selected for the Order Types feature, you need to make sure Printer settings are updated as well, as the changes do not sync automatically. However, disabling an order type from the Order Types feature settings will remove it from the printer settings. 


What does the error message “You haven’t assigned any order type, and dockets won’t be printed. You can still save and continue” mean?

It’s likely that you have disabled all the  Print By Order Type options from the Printer settings. You should enable some order types, or you can still dismiss it and hit Save, however, bear in mind that will result in no dockets printing from the printer.


Why are certain order types not available to print?

Only order types selected in the Order Types feature settings will be visible for you to choose from. If you want to add more order types, go to the Order Types feature settings page. 

Does Print By Order Type work for API orders, i.e online orders that come through from Lightspeed Delivery or Lightspeed Ordering?

Yes. Just follow the steps above to get started. 

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