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Create a half-and-half menu

Calling all pizza places, sandwich shops, and ice cream parlours! It’s likely you may want to offer a half-and-half menu. A half-and-half menu allows total customisation for customers who are sharing a dish or like variety.

This guide walks you through how to set up your menu in Lightspeed Back Office to allow a smooth workflow when you sell a half-and-half product on POS. This workflow allows you to take half-and-half orders quickly and efficiently in-store and also sell half-and-halfs through online integration platforms, Lightspeed Ordering and Lightspeed Delivery. 


The diagram below shows an overview of the workflow which you can achieve using multiple Option Sets placed in chronological order.

Square = Product
Diamond = Option Set
Oval = Modifiers

Create your half-and-half product

You will use this one half-and-half product to encase all your half-and-half offerings.

  1. Go to the Products tab
  2. Hit Add Product
  3. Give the product a name, e.g. Half and Half

For further explanation on how to add products, head over to our Add and edit your products in Lightspeed guide.

Create option sets for the Flavours

Create the Option Sets for 1st Half - Flavour and 2nd Half - Flavour

  1. Go to Products, then Option Sets
  2. Give the option set a name e.g 1st Half - Flavour and hit Create 
  3. Entering a Flavour into the box to add it as an option, e.g Half Margarita, Half Hawaiian
  4. Hit + to confirm
  5. Repeat this step until you have entered all the options
  6. Create the 2nd Half - Flavour Option set in the same way

You can fast-track creating option sets by reusing the modifiers you have already created. As you type, you can search for existing modifiers.

If you'd like more information on creating option sets, you can go to our Creating and Selling with Option Sets guide.

Create option sets for Add and Remove 

  1. Go to Products, then Options Sets
  2. Name the option set e.g 2nd Half - Add and hit Create
  3. Enter each ingredient with the prefix "Add" e.g Add Tomato into the Add an option box modifiers, enter any additional pricing you want to charge and hit + to confirm. Repeat for all ingredients
  4. Use the prefix "Remove" when enter in each ingredient to the - Remove options sets.Remove_Option_Sets.png

Link option sets to product

You’re at the home stretch now! Attach the option sets to the half-and-half product.

  1. Go to Products, then Options Sets
  2. Hit Link to Products
  3. Search for the Half and Half product
  4. Select the empty field and choose the Option sets you have created to link them

The Creating and Selling with Option Sets guide will walk you through how to link an option set.

Put the option sets in order

The order of the option sets is important for the customer experience and service workflow.

  1. Go to Products, then Options Sets
  2. Hit Link to Products
  3. Search for the Half and Half product
  4. Hit the down arrow to reveal the option set order
  5. Use the 4-way arrow to click and drag the option sets into order



Sync your POS and away you go!

What's next?

Whether you call it a Combo deal, Set meal, Value meal, Banquet dinner, or Package set, you can easily set this up on Lightspeed using Option Sets, learn more about Making Combo Deals with Option Sets.

Frequently asked questions

Can I only show relevant ingredients in the option set?

Say the first half was Margherita and then you only wanted the add/remove option sets to show relevant ingredients e.g. Basil, Mozarella, Tomato. This would require embedded/nested option sets, which do not work on Online Ordering platforms, such as Bopple, Deliveroo, Menulog, and Doordash.

If only sell in-store, you would need to create an option set with the relevant ingredients for each flavour you offer, then attach the option set to the relevant flavour. Please factor this in before you consider undertaking this task. 

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