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Integration - Preno

Preno is a hotel software company that provides cloud solutions for independent hoteliers - offering a PMS, Channel Manager and Booking Engine. And the best part? It integrates with Lightspeed Restaurant O-Series. 

The integration between Preno and Lightspeed lets you offer your customers the ability to bill to their room. 

Preno is available in Australia and New Zealand. 


Enable Preno

Log into your Lightspeed Back Office to get started. 

  1. Go to Integrations
  2. Search for Preno
  3. Hit Enable

Get help setting up Preno

For help and assistance beyond this support guide, you must reach out directly to the Preno support team.

Bill to room

  1. Enter an order
  2. Hit Check Out
  3. Select Bill to Room as the payment type
  4. Enter the reference number and Confirm. Or, if available, select a customer from the list of checked-in customers. 


What’s next?

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