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Delete a site or register

Delete a register

You might have seen an error when you tried to downgrade saying that you have too many active registers to downgrade. If this is the case you can delete the required number of registers from the Registers page in the back office.


1. From the Sites tab in Back Office, select Devices. Then select Registers (see image below)

2. Select the register you wish to delete by opening its settings cogwheel (on the right)



3. If your register was previously assigned to a device you will need to select Unassign Register



4. Next, select Delete Register



Delete a site


This is not something you can undo. So please make sure you are not making a mistake. If you need to keep your sales data you can downgrade to a Pause Plan or at the very least have your reports exported from Lightspeed first.


1. Head to the Subscriptions page


2. Select the site you wish to delete


Are you definitely sure? - There is no undo for this decision


3. Scroll down to Site management. Then select Yes, delete this site under Need to delete this site? 


Note - If you need to completely remove a company from Lightspeed you will need to contact our team at to process the request - just so there are no mistakes.

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