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Integration - Now Book It

Now Book It is a software platform that handles reservations, events ticketing, and also gift cards.
This platform integrates with Lightspeed so that when you seat a table through Now Book It, an equivalent order will also be created in Lightspeed Restaurant using the customer’s details. Once you complete the order in Lightspeed, it relays that information back to Now Book It, where the booking will be marked as finished.


What’s in this guide?

Before you begin

Enable Now Book It |1 minute 

Customer creation or link in Lightspeed

Find the Now Book It order in your Lightspeed POS |1 minute 

What's my next step?

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you begin

You’ll need:

  • A Lightspeed POS plan.
  • A subscription and account with Now Book It.
  • Tables feature enabled.

Enable Now Book It

  1. Log into your Lightspeed Back Office
  2. Go to Integrations
  3. Search for Now Book It
  4. Hit Enable
  5. Contact the Now Book It Customer Support team to enable the integration.

Customer creation or link in Lightspeed

There are rules for customer linking between Now Book It and Lightspeed. 

If you create a new customer in Now Book It, and there is no existing customer in Lightspeed with a matching email or phone number, a new customer will automatically be created in Lightspeed once you seat the booking, using the customer details from Now Book It. 

Note - Creating new customers in Now Book It can be used to create or link customers in Lightspeed but not the other way around. Creating a new customer in Lightspeed will not allow you to share customer details with Now Book It.

A customer is linked if there is either:

  • A matching email address between Now Book It and Lightspeed.
  • A matching name and phone number between Now Book It and Lightspeed
Note - If the name of the customer is different in Now Book It, but the email or phone number matches the customer information in Lightspeed, the customer is linked with no changes to the name.

Walk-ins in Now Book It don't have customer details, so customer details won’t be created in Lightspeed.




Find the Now Book It order in your Lightspeed POS

Once you have seated the customer in Now Book It, an order will be created in Lightspeed. 

  1. In the POS, click on the Orders tab.

  2. Select the Order that was created via Now Book It.
    Note - When a new order appears the number of orders will be highlighted in orange. The order will have a ‘New’ label.

If a customer was linked, you will see the below information.



A. Customer Name (First and/or Last Name).

B. Table number.

C. Time booking was seated.


If no customer is linked, you will see the below information.




A. Order number.

B. Table number.

C. Time booking was seated.


Click on Accept and you can start entering an order.

Note - If you click on Reject, the order will be canceled and will disappear from the Orders screen.



What's my next step?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go if I need help with Now Book It?
Reach out to Now Book It support for any question related to their workflows.


How much does it cost?

Integrating the two platforms is free for those with a subscription to Lightspeed Restaurant and Now Book It.




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