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Accessing Merchant Statements for Tyro

If you have integrated Tyro with Lightspeed, you can combine the reports from the Tyro Merchant Portal with your Lightspeed Insights reports to validate your revenue.

To access your Cost Analysis Reports:

  1. Log in to the Tyro Merchant Portal, enter your username and password, and select ‘Log In’.
  2. Click on ‘Costs’ in the left hand menu.

  1. Choose Cost Analysis Report


  1. Choose the month that you would like to generate reports for. If you’d like to get a general idea of your rates, we recommend downloading your three most recent reports.


  1. To save these to your device, choose your preferred export option. Choosing Print will generate a PDF.

Need further help?

If you have any follow up questions or require any additional help, the Tyro Support team would be happy to assist. To contact the team, follow the link below:



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