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Which Lightspeed Payments terminal is right for me?

Choosing the Right Terminal for Your Restaurant

Selecting the right payment terminal for your restaurant is crucial. Not only does it impact the speed and efficiency of transactions, but it also affects the overall customer experience. Here's a breakdown of our three terminals options to help you make an informed decision:



Connectivity: Wi-Fi, with 4G backup for standalone mode 

Key Feature: Gorgeous touchscreen interface, this terminal offers a large screen to make tipping and payment choices a breeze for customers.


Connectivity: Wi-Fi, with 4G backup for standalone mode 

Key Feature: Physical keypad and touchscreen for user input.


Final Thoughts

When selecting a terminal, think about the flow of your restaurant and where payments are typically made. Also, consider the reliability of your internet connection and which payment methods your customers prefer. By matching the terminal's features with your restaurant's needs, you'll enhance both the efficiency of transactions and the overall dining experience for your customers.


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