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Changing your bank account details for Lightspeed Payments deposits

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Before you begin

Changing your bank account details

Outcome Notification

Email Notifications

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Before you begin

🚨 Changing your bank account details may create a temporary hold on payouts while your request is reviewed. You may experience a payout delay of several days while this change is processed.

In order to change the bank account details, you must have access to the email address used to originally apply for Lightspeed Payments. If you are switching to a new legal entity,  please get in touch with your Account Manager.

If you have multiple Sites or locations using Lightspeed Payments, you must change the bank account details for each site. 

This process changes the bank account where you receive payouts (deposits) from Lightspeed Payments. To change the bank account that Lightspeed charges for your subscription please see this article. 

This is only available for merchants who applied via Back Office. If you applied via a link from your Account Executive or Account Manager, please reach out to your Account Manager for assistance.

Changing your bank account details

Where to go

First, navigate to the Merchant Portal. Then click Settings, and choose "Change" next to your current bank account details.


Select the reason for this change

You will see a screen like this:

Currently this process only supports switching to a different bank account owned by the same business. 

Verify your identity

Upon choosing this option, you will be asked to confirm which email we can use to verify your identity:

Note: if only one email is on file, you will not see a choice here.

Check your email for an access code:

Enter the access code in the merchant portal and press continue:

Update the bank account details

If you are changing the bank account for multiple locations, you may have several accounts to choose from.

Choose your bank account, or add a new one:

When adding a new account, you will see this screen:

If you bank with an integrated banking partner, choose their logo. Alternatively, choose the option to manually add your account. 

Once you have verified the bank account information, choose Submit:

Outcome Notification

Based on an automated review process you will receive one of three possible outcomes upon submission.

Success: Automatically updated

No further action is required.

Success: Review required

Our team will be reviewing your submission and may be in touch if additional information is required.

Error: Something went wrong

Please get in touch with our support team for assistance in resolving this issue.

Email Notification

You will receive an email notification confirming this change. 

If you have received an email notification advising you that your bank account details have been changed and you were not expecting it, please get in contact with our support team immediately.

Something didn't go right?

If you are having trouble submitting this change, get in touch with our support team at and we'll help you out!

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