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Applying for Lightspeed Payments: Walkthrough

Completing the application for Lightspeed Payments swiftly and accurately ensures you can start processing transactions sooner rather than later.

Once the Lightspeed Payments team have received, reviewed and approved your application your hardware will be sent to you. Therefore it’s crucial to ensure your application is complete and accompanied by any relevant supporting documentation.

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Step 1: Review your offer

Access the Merchant Portal in Back Office to review the rates that you have been offered for Lightspeed Payments. 

If prompted, enter your ABN.

Your rates offer will be displayed:

⚠️ Rates not what you expected? We display rates inclusive of GST in Back Office. 

⛔️ Only see information about Lightspeed Capital? You may not be eligible for Lightspeed Payments at this time. Please get in contact with your Account Executive or Account Manager.

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Step 2: Provide an email address

So that we can contact you about your application, please provide a contact email where we can reach you. We recommend using a personal email address that you check often. We don't suggest using your business's info@ or hello@ email.

This will be your last chance to review your rates, so please take note of them before proceeding.

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Step 3: Tell us about your business

So that we can process your application properly, we need to know how your business is setup. Over the next few pages, we'll ask you about the type of business you are running. It's important to answer accurately.

Part 1: Business Structure

First, tell us about your business structure:

Based on your choice, the next few pages may have some different sections. We have chosen Corporation, setup as a Private Corporation to demonstrate this process.


Part 2: Business Representatives

A business representative should be an owner of the business, or in more complex organisations somebody with authorisation to act on behalf of the business to make agreements and authorise credits and debits to the business' bank account.

Part 3: Who is managing this business?

Next, we'll ask you for details about who is running the business with you. If you're a solopreneur you might nominate yourself at all of these roles. That's ok!

However, if the business has multiple stakeholders, we'll need to know about them as part of our responsibility to fight money laundering and comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) legislation.  

We'll ask you to give us the detail of any beneficial owners for your organisation. This is anyone who owns more than 25% of the business. 

If the representative you added in the previous step is also slotting in to one or more of these roles then you can add them from the list:

If you choose to add someone new, please provide their details. You must provide an identification document / reference number for all Directors and Owners.

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Step 4: Tell us about the location where you'll be accepting payments

Alright, we're nearly there. Time to tell us where the payments will actually be taken! This information is important - it's what will show up for your customers.

Doing business as (DBA) is what will show up on your customers Bank Statement, so choose wisely. It does have to be related to your business name.

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Step 5: Select a bank account

Now, you'll tell us where to send the money processed with Lightspeed Payments.

Choose Add a bank account and then select your bank or search for your bank:

When you select your bank, you'll be taken to Trustly (our private and safe integrated partner) to enter your details and securely select your bank account. 

❓Bank not shown or not working?

If your bank is not shown or you have problems, you can choose to manually add your bank account details. Close out of the Trustly pop up/modal and choose the manual option.

Once you're done, you'll see confirmation of the bank account and you can press 'Save and continue'

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Step 6: Time to review

You've done it! Check all of the information on this page and then scroll to the bottom, complete the agreement and choose Submit.

Wait up to 30 seconds for the submission to be complete:

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Most applications are instantly approved and you can now proceed to order hardware. 

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You may find that your application requires review. In this case, we may be in touch to request additional information to assist with your application. 🚨 It is your responsibility to provide this information to us. 🚨 

Once we have completed our review, we will email you. You may be requested to provide more information and the Merchant Portal will display this screen:

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Payouts Pending Verification

In some cases, we aren't able to automatically verify your details. We may not automatically enable payouts and will need to review your account. Once you begin transacting with Lightspeed Payments, and process more than $10 with us our review is triggered. If we need any more information from you, we'll be in touch as quickly as possible. 

Email Notifications

You will receive emails from Lightspeed updating you about the status of your application. Please be on the look out for these emails as they may contain important requests for further information from you. We require this information before we can enable payouts. 🚨 It is your responsibility to provide this information to us. 🚨

Below are examples of some emails you may receive.

Full Approval

Payments: ✅ Enabled
Payouts: ✅ Enabled

Conditionally approved

Payments: ✅ Enabled
Payouts: ❌ Pending

Additional information required

Payments: ✅ Enabled
Payouts: ❌ Pending

In review

Payments: ❌ Disabled
Payouts: ❌ Pending


Payments: ❌ Disabled
Payouts: ❌ Disabled

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