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Tyro Terminal Compatibility with Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed O-Series is compatible with the Yomani and Yoximo models of Tyro terminals.

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Compatibility with Tyro Pro

At the time of writing in May 2024, the new Tyro Pro terminal has not been formally tested by Lightspeed.

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We have had reports that Pay@Table on the Tyro Pro is not working with O-Series for a number of customers. We advise customers who rely on this feature to discuss this with their Tyro representative, or continue to use the compatible Yomani and Yoximo models.

Lightspeed has also had reports of intermittent connectivity issues with Tyro Pro terminals, primarily around slow transaction speeds and disconnection with the POS.
At this time we have referred these issues to Tyro and are awaiting further developments.

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