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Taking a manual payment with Lightspeed Payments

We support using Lightspeed Payments devices in a standalone mode on an ongoing basis or just as a one off when you're in a pinch.

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If your terminal becomes disconnected or your POS device loses battery (these things happen!) you can still keep using Lightspeed Payments terminals without an integration. These payments will not be recorded on your POS automatically, and sales paid for with this method should have a manual payment type set up to close the POS sale off with.

You can initiate a manual payment by entering the value of the transaction on the terminal.

Taking a manual Payment

This method requires a PIN to be entered for each transaction. It's ideal if you do this infrequently.

🛜 Has your wifi gone out? Switch your terminal to 4G following these instructions.

To take a payment from the terminal:

Smart Terminal & Smart Terminal with Printer (Formerly known as S1F2)

  1. Press "Transactions"
  2. Press "New Transaction"
  3. Enter the PIN 5773
  4. Press "Payment"
  5. Enter the amount
  6. Press Continue and tap the card.

e280 (phased out)

  1. Select small square bottom right
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Select payments
  4. Enter the PIN 5773
  5. Select normal payment
  6. Enter the amount
  7. Add/Skip the tip
  8. Tap your card

e285 (phased out), P400Plus, v400m (No longer sold)

  1. Press the green circle
  2. Enter the amount
  3. Add/Skip the tip
  4. Tap the card

Setting up Standalone mode

This method does not require a PIN. It can mean that money is collected without a matching sale on the POS. Ensure that you are providing your customer with some form of receipt as proof of their purchase.

  1. Navigate to Back Office
  2. Open the Merchant Portal
  3. Choose Terminals
  4. Choose Settings (top right hand side of each location)
  5. Allow Standalone Mode and configure your options
  6. Update the configuration on your terminals or restart them
  7. A 'Payments' button will appear on the home screen of your terminal and a PIN is no longer required.

Note: You can configure this on a per terminal basis. Terminals with a custom setting appear with a notification next to them in the terminal list.

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