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Export data from Lightspeed Payments

Downloading your data from Lightspeed Payments is straightforward. In the Merchant Portal you can review all of your documents and payments data.

What can I export?

From the Merchant Portal, authorised users can filter and export:

  • Payments
  • Payouts

Authorised users can also download monthly Fee statements. Fee statements are issued on the 6th day following the end of month.

How do I filter and export payments?

From the Merchant Portal, open the Payments tab.

You can apply quick filters based on Status

Alternatively, add multiple filters using the Filters menu. 

Then on the right hand side choose Export.

How do I filter and export payouts?

From the Merchant Portal, open the Payouts tab. Use the filters menu to apply Date filters if you like, and then choose Export.

How do I download fee statements?

Fee statements or monthly tax invoices for Lightspeed Payments can be downloaded from the Merchant Portal.
Access the documents tab, find the relevant month that you would like to download and then choose download.

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