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Using the Smart Terminal

This article will show you the features of our Smart Terminal.

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Payment terminal menus

Your payment terminals have a menu with options related to payments, and a menu with options related to configuration. The access to some menu options is protected by passcodes.

Menu/Button Description Passcode
  • Device info: view information about the payment terminal, like the serial number, configuration version, and store details. Update the software version. Scan to connect to the terminal.
  • Network: enable and configure network connections. Enable airplane mode.
  • Configuration: view, update, or remove the configuration version.
  • Display: adjust the screen brightness.
  • Diagnostics: run network connection tests
  • No passcode required:
    • Device info
    • Diagnostics
    • Display
  • Admin & Settings passcode:
    • Apps
    • Configuration
    • Network
    • Device infoSoftware version
  • History: view transactions stored on the terminal. Re-print the merchant/shopper receipt for an approved transaction.
  • Totals: view and print a transaction totals report. Reset transaction totals.
  • New transactionRefundMOTO paymentMOTO refundManual key entry as a standalone terminal.
  • Transactions passcode required:
    • History
    • Totals
    • New transaction
  • Refunds passcode required:
    • New transaction > Refund
  • No passcode required.

Connect to Wifi

  1. Select Settings > Network.
  2. Enter your passcode.
  3. Select Wi-Fi. You can now:
    1. Turn Wi-Fi on or off using the WLAN toggle switch.
    2. Click on the ➕ to see a list of WiFi networks available.
    3. Choose the right network and enter the password to connect to the network.

3G/4G failover

Your Smart Terminal can automatically switch to processing payments using a mobile connection when the internet connection fails. Lightspeed terminals come with a pre-installed and activated SIM card so you can use the cellular network immediately to board the terminal.

Use the USB-C charging cable

The Smart Terminal with Printer is supplied with a USB-C charging cable and a region-specific power plug. This cable is compliant with the USB industry and UL standards. Always use the charging cable and the region-specific power plug provided by Lightspeed.

To prevent damage to the USB-C charging cable and the USB-C socket on the payment terminal, follow these guidelines:

  • Insert and remove the USB-C charging cable by holding the end that connects to the terminal or the power plug.
  • Don't insert or remove the USB-C charging cable in an upward, downward, left, or right direction.
  • Don't bend or fold the USB-C charging cable.
  • Don't use excessive force to insert or remove the USB-C charging cable.
  • Always inspect the USB-C charging cable and the USB-C socket on the payment terminal for foreign objects.
  • If the terminal operates in areas of high humidity, dust, or food residue, consider getting a charging station.

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