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Where is my payout? FAQ for late and missing payouts

Why was my payout delayed or postponed?

If the status of your Payouts is Pending Review, this is most likely due to an account verification requirement that still needs to be completed. In order to resume processing payouts, the owner of the Lightspeed Payments account should check if additional documentation is required to be uploaded. We'll display a notification in Back Office and email you to request this information.

My payout is less than I was expecting.

Fees are deducted daily from your payout, this can result in a different amount being deposited, if you're comparing with your daily takings. Additionally, your payout may be less any chargebacks or pending payments. 

I updated my bank account details and now I haven't received my payout.

If you updated your bank account details after a payout was initiated, then it will go to the previous bank account.

If you have recently changed your bank account, we may still be verifying the details of your new account. 

My payout is missing.

Confirm that the payout was sent to the bank account you expect. In the Merchant Portal, navigate to the Payouts tab and check the payout destination for each Payout. 

Less than five working days late

If your expected payout was sent less than five business days ago, your payout funds have left Lightspeed and the payout is being processed by your bank. Bank processing can be delayed by weekends and bank/public holidays. Once the bank has finished processing your payout, the funds will be deposited into your account automatically.

More than five working days late

If the expected payout has not landed in your bank account after five working days, contact your bank for an update. You will need to provide the following information: bank account details, date expected, and exact amount. Use the Merchant Portal if needed to find date expected and exact amount. It may be helpful to provide your bank with the Payout ID (found by clicking on the payout in question).

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